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    Where are we from?

    Montana... but lived in Ktown 16 years, bleed orange every time I cut myself.
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    Where are we from?

    Gooooo Dawgs.
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    Should the Senate Allow Witnesses Be Called During the Impeachment Trial?

    Ahhh... thanks for stopping by.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Opened

    Commemorative pencils by LG, Luthie, Mick.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    I've got something to say here.... ahhhh dam it, forgot what it was.
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    Things I'm happy about today

    He was living in a van... down by the river.
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    Things I'm happy about today

    Bueller..... Bueller? Nope... good to go.
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    Things I'm happy about today

    Shoulda checked in before I tackled this one. Now I feel like a pro...second one went in smooth.
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    2020 Endzone's Best Ball Challenge - Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

    MAL.... mAL.... mal... found the acorn this week. Good job man.
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    Hiking Thread

    I used to buy Merrel, then onto Keen, now Asolo, and the Asolo hiking boots have been awesome right out of the box.
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    Biden & Ukraine: Hit Job or Real Issue?

    Biden’s, LG, Mick... were all in on it from the start.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    Ok... its over. You can Un-STFU in here.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    STFU in here... Mollie B is on the tube. Tearing it up tonight.
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    Zone Food Thread

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    Things I'm happy about today

    Yes... there was no visible indication on the box or instructions indication it was for a 7 ft door. Seems odd to me. The kit was 50.00 for extending to 8ft. That as well seems odd.

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