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    PJ Fleck isn't interesting in coming to Tennessee

    Hes a good one was hoping he would at least consider us..
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    Basillo: Lane Kiffin wants to come home

    I remember being medicore and complaining about it. But now we get beat by georgia state. And kentucky 34-7. Now they talk about us upsetting vandy. What it would be like to be mediocre again.
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    Dykes or Kiffin????

    Thats not hard to answer 😂
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    Legit question...why is Sonny Dykes even on “the list?”

    I wondered that myself. Seems like a lose lose?
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    Something You Should Know About James Franklin

    Id have to agree with what some have already said he'd be better than the last 3 hires. And its not even close.
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    Luke Fickell (merged)

    Im not sure Fickell would ever be able to compete with the floridas georgias and Alabama's in our conference. Hell not sure even the Kentuckys or vandys. Probably great guy and all that. But the sec is different from the conference hes in. How would he recruit down here? Could he out recruit the...
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    honestly nobody really excites me for the job

    Just a thought and a captain obvious question. Dont you have to go after someone with nfl and college experience to beat a georgia florida texas A&M. & maybe alabama in the future? Them coaches at them programs will not fear a up and coming or a first time head coach. Or a coach thats never...
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    honestly nobody really excites me for the job

    I feel hopeful. Im glad pruitts gone and Fulmer isn't in that leadership role anymore. Don't get me wrong i like Fulner. But them two guys out of picture makes me feel 100 times better. I know we might not land who we want but i feel way better today knowing pruitts out and now we have a chance...
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    What if White stands pat with Steele?

    Id respect that. Only because im in fear of the rush hire like dooley man that was bad. I remember thinking i wish they would of takin theyre time and got it right now look at us. I still cant believe the last 3 hires its a gosh damn joke we hired either of them 3.
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    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    I think they smashed that dream in 2 or 3 press conferences already. Just in this week alone.
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    Post your coaching pick

    Malzahn with a different offensive scheme. Been in the sec. Recruited in the sec. Has winning records. Has beat Bama. Has run a clean program.
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    Poll: Hire Sonny Dykes?

    I see we have 10 trolls
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    If this name comes up..

    I was thinking Frost also might be the guy he chooses.
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    Two starters who entered the portal will stay

    Dont do that to me my nerves are already shot 😂

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