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    New lockers

    Awesome. Let's get hyped over lockers! Which ones mine?
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    10 Years Without Incident

    I guess all of those violations they posted today don't count? I heard one player was even trying to sell replica jerseys...
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    Kasim Hill QB

    Some of you old farts need to knock the dust and cobwebs out that skull and get that brain a functioning again. I said and I quote "If someone truly took his place for good at QB he would be over on the bench with his pouty face back on." Key word being FOR GOOD. There I capitalized it for...
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    JG 2020

    He had a full season to learn the offense. And the very last game of the season (the bowl game) he still looked like a true freshman. Learning the offense is not his problem. Making accurate throws and being able to read a defense and feel pressure is. Nice troll job though. The moment you...
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    Kasim Hill QB

    I find that statement very hard to believe.
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    How much football experience do you have?

    I have armchair football and coaching experience and didn't see an option so I didn't vote.
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    Georgia would switch ...

    I would love to see JG take over the starting QB role in Georgia. I wish he would hurry up and enter the portal because then Juan Jennings might come back and also play defense just so he could sack him for everytime he cost him a TD at UT.
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    Pruitt is doing something truly special at UT

    That loss to Georgia State (and others who shall not be named) was pretty special.
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    Kasim Hill QB

    Sounds like 100% a lie. If someone truly took his place for good at QB he would be over on the bench with his pouty face back on.
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    Cade Mays enters the transfer portal [transferring to Tennessee per ESPN]

    This is almost the equivalent of Schiano coming to UT. 😬
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    2020 SEC QBs

    You can take the QB out of the mistakes but you can't take the mistakes out of the QB. I fear for this offense if JG is still running it. He regresses every year. It's like he gets a case of amnesia after finals and has to learn everything all over again when the season starts.
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    Kasim Hill QB

    Nobody better than JG in our coaches eyes. He's UTs Starling. Noone will take the starting job from him no matter how much he regresses in this off-season.
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    Our QB and RBs have to be smiling so big ...

    JG is gonna kill it next year! He's going to light the scoreboard up for the other team. More picks. Bank on it.
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    UGA fans upset after news of Mays leaving.

    Cade Mays is the type of guy that gets drafted by the Chargers and then his daddy whines like a little twat and gets him sent to the Giants. Vols don't need any spoiled brats on this team that bad mouth this university. We've already got one spoiled brat at QB.
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    UGA fans upset after news of Mays leaving.

    I was a POS back then. And still am now. Hence why I've went nowhere in life. Character plays a role. And if he's going to bad mouth this university we should be bad mouthing him.

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