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    Time OUT

    Several who watch much more or all of the games than myself have mentioned, "why doesn't Kellie call timeouts with greater frequency." Some reasons for using timeouts include: Teaching points to correct the player(s) back to what they were taught in practice, or regarding the approach outlined...
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    Lady Vols 24 "Turnovers" - 3 Quarters

    If you do not move: 1. chances of your getting the ball on offense are lessened. 2. and you do not keep the other team guessing causing them distraction, as they do not know your next move. 3. the defense is not going to become weary or worn down. 4. plus, not coming to help your teammate move...
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    Game Thread: #24/25 TENNESSEE VS. ALABAMA

    First time have watched most all of a game this year. They NEED to work on passing. To mannnny errant, lazy,& telegraphed passes. Otherwise, I like their direction as a team.
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    Watch Jayden Springer play tonight

    IMG plays Knox Catholic January 25th in Knoxville according to the Knox News Sentinel today. That was in the article about UT just offering the Irish's Edwards a basketball scholarship.
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    Chemistry has emerged as one of Lady Vols' biggest strengths

    Yes, and if it is not a big part of Kellie's nature to be real leader, as Pat, this won't last. However, I think it is...Recalling my Chemistry at UTK, the Chemist sets up, watches, & guides the process. So, the product is dependent upon both the ingredient players & the coaching Chemist. The...
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    Nice video of Uros Plavsic's game in 2016. Recruited as a 4 Star to Bobby Hurley's Arizona State team of 2018. Class ranked #8.
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    Cade Mays enters the transfer portal [transferring to Tennessee per ESPN]

    Cade Mays to Tn or Ark or other. ...Ark, as Sam Pittman is HC now, after being Ga's line & assoc HC. Tn, since this was his choice till Tn imploded. So, he wanted a winner first. Also, since his Brother likes Tn & Tn is looking up, besides being from Tn, where his Dad played. Plus, maybe a top...
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    Santiago Vescovi

    An article from the Spring- 2020 point guard Santiago Vescovi impresses in front of coaches Rivals 3 star, 247 4 star Butler offered him a scholarship and is currently ranked #11.
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    Jessie Rennie

    LoL ..Actually, I think Coach J only wishes he were on the staff in some way, even not instructing, which is a passion for him. However, Coach J is one of the more valuable contributors of the site, as are you...
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    Could meditation help Kasi become a more focused shooter?

    Along the lines of meditation & visualization, I was told a story of a boys basketball coach who took on a group of poor free throw shooters, & rather than demonstrate & teach technique, & then have them practice after that, he chose to have them sit down, close their eyes, & visualize shooting...
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    Are any of yall watching this???

    Thanks. Now that you mention it, I do recall hearing something about his speech problem when young. His son Luke played for the Lakers & for those who enjoy passing, he was one of the best in imo. Currently Head Coach of the Sacramento Kings.
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    Are any of yall watching this???

    But he does interject a few interesting tidbits of history and associations along.
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    Are any of yall watching this???

    If I recall Bill Walton was a straight A student, and think he went to Stanford Law School. Had he not had all the foot problems, Bill would likely have continued as one of the greats of Pro basketball besides College, which he was also. But, everything does not translate to another field of...
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    Game Thread: #23/24 TENNESSEE VS. #1/1 STANFORD

    "Kind of player" and kind of person- get along while giving their all for the team, or are they something else not so desirable though really talented? Also, on IQ: Basketball IQ is certainly not necessarily a high ACT, nor a straight A student. For instance, Larry Bird once said he might be a...
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    Game Thread: #23/24 TENNESSEE VS. #1/1 STANFORD

    I agree. A school that seems to be smarter than most which comes out in their play is Notre Dame. Most years I would rather watch them than about any school because they play as a team, and know what they individually can do, and are to provide in the scheme of things. There are higher...

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