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    Pick'em - ETSU - 3/16

    No cover.
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    UT vs SC revenue

    Interesting topic. I agree that Bama football has led to the increase in OOS admissions. Same thing happens to schools that hit it big in the NCAA tourney. They give big on merit scholarships to OOS kids (who are often better prepared than the in-state students). They are choosy in this...
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    A Mizzu fan reply to UGA and FL fans...

    I don't disagree with anything that guy wrote. I just hope the expectations stay realistic for this year. Vols were winning games but low on style points. You scratched out a win vs. a Mizzou team with absolutely ZERO offense but a win is a win. Now my kid will be a freshman in Knox...
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    Two Wins

    See...I like how you knew Mizzou wasn't even an option ;) But playing the long-term game UF & UGa are the right plays. Win the East then the rest will take care of itself. It will be hard to lose the East with those two games in hand.
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    Miss State Head Coach

    Ok. My first post ever on this board. Go easy on me. My oldest will be starting as freshman at UT in the Fall. Back on topic: Can't believe this lady isn't getting a good look by Miss St. A name familiar to this crowd. Nikki McCray-Penson - Head Coach - Women's Basketball Coaches - Old...

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