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    I tried double cheeseburgers from 10 fast-food chains and the tastiest was also the best deal

    If you happen to be near port Canaveral then go make a stop at Playa Linda in Titusville. It's a micropub. Similar quality to Abridged in Bearden. The burger I had was fantastic. Most of the beers are influenced by citrus fruit, but there are a couple of more traditional standards
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    Serious expectations of the defense

    We self imposed scholarship reductions that carried through the spring. It was an attempt to convince the NCAA that time was served in our Pruitt investigation. Hence we were unable to really have spots for all the players I'm sure they would have liked to approach
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    Players or School

    All four vandy fans agree with you
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    LB Aaron Willis Enters Transfer Portal

    Hard to make much out of that video imo. Looks like he was constantly going against the second and third team. Would be interested to see him hold his own against the first team. Also highlight reels only ever show the good. If he has that reel of good but an accompanying 45 minute reel of...
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    Little Brother Program Of Each State

    Isn't harrison university in Arkansas just an old school reference? Can't find a real one named such in that state
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    Ex-Vol Footballer

    Title is misleading. No such thing as an ex Vol. Only VFL's exist
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Florida is on this list a lot.... I approve.
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    Alontae Taylor drafted round 2, pick 49 by Saints.

    History bro. Without Tennessee and its volunteers, there is no New Orleans
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    OL James Robinson enters the portal

    I'm not even sure which pun to retort with here... this is great!
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    Spring Practice #13

    Dobbs hid Butch deficiencies. JG greatly exposed Pruitt deficiencies.
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    Can We Get Saban Before Retirement?

    Let us be the reason he retires slash gets let go
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    Milton Package

    The same kid that ran out of bounds to end the Ole Miss game is being proposed to run our secret wildcat package. I love this place
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    Look at 2022 Roster

    Yup if one can't grab a firm hold on the position in the midst of all that, I'm doubtful they will
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    Look at 2022 Roster

    Looks like Solomon is gone. Fields entered the portal. Can't see any healthy DB that couldn't take advantage of this springs situation coming back.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Lipscomb Tuesday Game Thread (6:30PM EST)

    Last I heard, it's now in a low, geosynchronous orbit over Seymour

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