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    Kickoff Chant/Cheer

    once a half, each game, i wish it would happen
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    Kickoff Chant/Cheer

    i like it. also wouldn't mind something at kickoff . @ me. IDGAF
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    Vols now have the 2nd...

    that couldn't all fit in the title of the thread?
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    Mike Leach to Miss. St.

    they could very easily start 4-0 without having played mizzou, UK, or alabama A&M yet
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    UGA collapsing

    was this a serious question?
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    Fromm possibly entering draft

    LOL o rly?
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    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    USCjr. righted the ship and Muschump could go f himself
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    Tua gone

    Smith announced he is staying soon after Tue news broke
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    Regarding Bailey-u should read this

    lead singer for aerosmith i think
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    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron (UT SIGNEE)

    fire the idiot recording this

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