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    Suggested Portal Rule Change

    The solution is to treat college football like the business it is. Legally binding contracts etc for certain players. P5 college football and basketball are not amateur sports. When coaches are now making 9 to a rumored 12 million a year, players getting paid is not far behind. Will it ruin...
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    Unfortunately, I think his family chases the highest bidder and I look for that to continue through his college career. Hope I am wrong and he does well at what ever school he attends not named Alabama, Georgia or Florida.
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    Most Annoying SEC Head Coaches

    Kiffin and Kiffin and let’s see…..Kiffin!
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    '22 GA EDGE Joshua Josephs (Tennessee Commit)

    I'm late to the boom....but I'm bringing the boomers!
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    SEC Officials Banned

    You either didn’t play sports are intentionally stirring up crap. Referee’s and their calls are part of the game and most certainly do affect the outcome. Players want continuity so they can adjust to how a game is being called. Calls should even out but for some teams in the SEC, that...
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    Neyland at night, Pride of the Southland Band, a team that is fun to watch and plays hard…. I had a great time!
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    Tiyon Evans shutting it down?

    So Tiyon thinks a NFL team will risk a draft pick on a running back who appears injury prone? Is he going to be surprised.
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    The State of the Program

    The Heupel offense gimmicky? Kiffin says hello!
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    it appears to me Nolen’s recruitment will never end, even after he signs. Not sure how committed he will be to any team.
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    Help Volnation!

    Good luck finding a place. Half of the population of Los Angeles, New York and a good portion of Washington State and Oregon have moved to the Nashville/Knoxville area. Those who can’t find a house to buy or an apartment to rent are in the campgrounds. I exaggerate….but not by much.
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    Happy Veteran's Day

    Thanks you Vet’s for your service and thank you families for supporting them! Happy Veterans Day!
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    Yes….a universal truth, Bama sucks.
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    Morven Joseph has entered the portal

    He played as well as Toot Toot did against LSU. The two Kentucky backs can make a lot of LB’s look bad. Tough running backs.
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    Do we need to get nervous about recruiting?

    CJH was a NC winning QB at Oklahoma, he knows what big boy football is and what type players are needed to compete at that level. CJH is like the Buddha, never loses his cool and can beat you with his players or your players. Recruiting will be fine.

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