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    Poll: Will Pruitt coach 2021 Vols this fall?

    JP is damaged beyond repair. No way he could be successful now. Plus, wouldn’t surprise me if he’s had enough of this HC business. They will negotiate a face saving agreement unless the nature of the violations put UT on probation. Then JP is toast unless Saban gets his friend Emmerit to...
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    Pruitt is gone, you are applying logic...which means the exact opposite will occur. TN gonna TN. No cornbread for you.
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    After tonight

    That’ll do, send him on up. We’ll hire an assistant to carry him around on the sidelines.
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    Onlu 2 coaches to consider if pruitt let go

    Boys, closing the gap my a$$, we talking about the Grand Canyon wide.
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    Basilio Still Thinks Pruitt is Likely Gone

    I would substitute the word greed for ego. Phil knows a big fat tit when he sees one.
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    Basilio Still Thinks Pruitt is Likely Gone

    “As the Vols Turn!” A new sitcom that has it all! Drama, ineptitude, incompetence, greed and heart break as a once proud football program continues its decent into mediocrity. Don’t miss the intrigue of passed over coaches being hired to “assist” a beleaguered HC who only three years ago...
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    New Ubben tweet a few mins ago 4:45pm Jan 12

    Yep, when you are down by 3 or 4 touchdowns by halftime and have to wait until the start of the 4th quarter for the busses to start running. Stupid fans that complain about non-competitive football just need to pay their money, sit down and shut up. The UTAD is going to be surprised how many...
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    New Ubben tweet a few mins ago 4:45pm Jan 12

    KY and MO will drill UT next year and it wouldn't surprise me if SC didn't beat UT as well. By the end of the year, Vandy will be a toss up. These guys will quit again on JP when the losses start piling up.
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    TIFWIW from a source reasonably close to Athletics

    called Tennessee doucheball, it fits.
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    Yep, games are like enduring an ingrown toenail and the searches resemble Three Stooges reruns.
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    Tennessee & Kevin Steele Close to A Deal (Confirmed)

    Thank goodness for the comedic value of the UTAD, because it is the only value they possess.
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    Knowing what we know now...

    Any team in the SEC or is competitive in the Power 5 has sold out. Alabama was blessed or college football was cursed by the NCAA President Emmerit and Saban having history at LSU, (Emmerit hired Saban) and being good friends. The chief compliance officer for several years was a Bama...
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    I would think Plowman and Boyd relied on PF’s recommendation. He is a Hall of Fame football coach and his recommendation would carry weight one would think. Unfortunately, Controversy follows wherever ole Phil shows up and it appears he, like JP, are incompetence in their multimillion dollar...
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    Football in Purgatory

    Initially as an interim AD, then gets the AD job, extends his and JP’s contract and the cherry on top is...,they both got nice raises...when we are told there is no money because of COVID. You can’t make this stuff up!
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    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    Speaking of idiots, fix the one in the mirror if you are defending the job JP has done at UT, then get back to us. I’ll hang up and listen, I’m sure that’s a phrase you’ve repeated often.

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