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    Recruits will notice.

    SC will be tough, but I think the remaining 4 are all winnable as long as Maurer is healthy. The OL and DL has grown up a lot these last few weeks. I didn't think Miss State was a W but they all stepped up. I watched Mizzu and Vandy saturday and they are beatable.
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    Recruits will notice.

    Its a 5 game season now. Win 4 of the last 5 and go to a bowl game would be huge for recruiting. After the dismal start making a bowl game would show improvement and hope to the recruits.
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    True Story

    No he was holding the "need help" give me money sign.
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    If Vandy can beat Mizz we can beat Bama

    Thats just the drugs your feeling, stop taking them. Us and Vandy are pretty close but Mizzu is no where near Bama. Domn't worry about tonight, its a 5 game season starting next week. Win 4 and go to a bowl game.
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    Ramon Foster didn’t say UT, says high school

    OP your getting your feelings hurt for no reason, this isn't the players choice. My oldest son has done sports production work for ESPN in the past 4 years, its a network deal.. NBC copied this from ESPN who started this on MNF. Their production crews record every player saying their college...
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Mariota's mechanics are horrible. He throws flat footed way too much. time to see Tannehill. Your defense constantly holds teams to 17 pts or less.
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    Jennings hype: LET'S GO!

    True, and if Botch didn't botch it with him and played him at his true position of safety he would have been in the NFL last year. I wished I could find a video of him laying out that Gator his freshman year on a kickoff or punt. He would have been a bigger stud on D.
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    Im tired of being treated like this

    Well we not and won't be any time soon.
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    Im tired of being treated like this

    OP would you be happier if they cursed you, dumped beer on your head and laughed at you??
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    Pruitt’s Defense is Concerning

    You also aren't seeing that we don't have an SEC defensive line. It doesn't matter if your in college or the NFL if you can't get pressure with your DL your secondary is handicapped. No DL pressure forces you out of man to man coverage (Pruitt's preferred scheme), and into a zone coverage...
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    Reports of Locker Room Dissension

    Don't forget Botch's genius days at Central Michigan when he told a young JJ Watt that he would never make it as a DE and would play only OT. Watt transferred to Wisconsin and we know the rest. Botch also told Trevor Lawrence, who was all in on being a Vol, that his QB skill set didn't fit at UT.
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    Reports of Locker Room Dissension

    To translate: the offensive players, especially the receivers know JG is the biggest problem and want a change at QB. Tired of busting there humps to get open for a QB that can't see them and throw them ball. Calloway and Jennings are playing for a shot in the NFL and they can't even get a...
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    Opryland trip

    I saw those a few weeks ago, they appear to be shipping container houses.
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    Opryland trip

    I don't know if you have seen the plans, but it is supposed to stay. They are building new exhibit halls and the old ones will be torn down to make way for the soccer stadium. You should really see all the residential around the fairgrounds. A lot of the property has been bought and torn down...
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    Opryland trip

    The Nashville fairgrounds old white coaster. You can google some images of it. That whole complex is undergoing major renovations right now. The only old structure staying is the race track.

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