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    Lady Vols Softball

    I follow her on instagram and twitter and do not see anything that she posted saying that, but that does not mean its not true either.
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    Softball Question

    I try to keep up with the normal softball thread, but it gets to be a lot to read. The question I have is does anyone know (more than just an educated guess) if Amanda Ayala and Ashley Morgan are coming back next season? They are my two favorite players so I’m really hoping they both come back...
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    Lady Vols Softball

    I saw her in the dugout yesterday from watching tv.
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    Lady Vols Softball

    Anyone know why Ashley Morgan has not been playing? This is 3 games in a row she has not played and I would say she's been one of our better hits so far this season.
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    Softball Week 3 - USF Tournament

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    Softball Week 3 - USF Tournament

    Wonder when this happened. I haven’t been able to watch any of the games but I don’t recall hearing about it.
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    Softball Week 3 - USF Tournament

    Really anyone know why Morgan hasn’t played in the last 3 games?
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    Softball Question

    Did anyone else who happened to be able to watch the game last night notice that Ayala's jersey has the number 33 on the front and 13 on the back? Was this mentioned at all during any of the games this weekend as to why? I thought Poindexter was number 33. I only watched the game last night...
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    Tennessee Softball

    I know I am really late at seeing these posts, but I usually only look on here during the week. How did this play happen exactly? Wish I could have watched or listened to the game, but was unable to.
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    Random Softball Question

    Thank you!
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    Random Softball Question

    Hi y'all. This is more so just because I am a nosey fan :) I have been watching every game I can that I get on the internet or TV here in Ohio so I am not sure this was ever even mentioned, but in every game I have watched every time they show the bench I noticed that I have not seen Adell at...
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    Game Thread Lady Vols Softball at Alabama

    I feel a little bit better about this series knowing that Annie will be back. Along with Aucoin and Gabriel if they are both still healthy after coming back last weekend. I have heard that Overstreet will not play as she got injured in practice yesterday. And she had just started having some...
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    Annie and Erin

    Anyone know the status of these 2 going into the weekend? All I know is what I've seen on tv that Erin has an injury to her right hand and it's usually wrapped up pretty good. And Annie must have an injury to her left hand/arm but that's all I could tell. I missed the game yesterday so I was not...
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    Game Thread Lady Vols Softball this Week vs ETSU,VT,then Mississippi State

    I know Erin is hurt I think she has been off and on and pitching through it. When she is not pitching her wrist is taped up and sometimes has ice on it in the dugout. That is the extent of what I know about the pitchers. Anybody happen to catch is Aldrete got hurt last night? I could only get...
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    Help looking for a jersey

    Hi y'all. I have a lady vols basketball jersey number 14 that I've had for years. It's getting to the point from wearing it every game since at least 2007 that it's getting worn out from the washing. Does anybody know where I can buy another one? I would prefer the same number, but again this...

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