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    '22 OH OT Carter Smith

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    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield commits

    I thought he’d be top 15 for sure. Kinda surprised he dropped that far
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    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield commits

    He says he's reclassifying on his instagram
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    They maybe waiting since today is BHH's day, but I would imagine he'd announce very soon.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    How many spots are left?
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    2022 TN Forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

    Ya they couldn’t visit the other schools either so I don’t get why it would have mattered that they all couldn’t visit together....
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    That flew over my head haha some people act like Scovi is the worst player in America and it drives me crazy
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    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    Aidoo needs to add some weight/strength before he gets to the NBA. BHH legit looks like he could be in the league now.... dude is big
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    His freshman year he averaged 3.5 TO/game and this year he is down to 1.9 TO/game. He won't have to have the ball in his hands as much this year so I bet his TO's will drop even more. I agree he's had some bad TO's due to mistakes, but saying he's regressed is just wrong
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    + Tamba - McClung +Key I'd say this is more likely. I don't think Fulky counts towards the 13 scholly limit
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    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    I feel like he will drop below Tobias when he reclassifies, but not by much.
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    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    In His Words "I chose Tennessee because I believe in Coach Rick Barnes. I believe he can help develop me into a great player at the next level. Throughout the process I was able to build a really strong relationship with the coaching staff." -Jonas Aidoo
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Hope we get all the hoopers from Charlotte... We've had some killers from there in recent history

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