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    No, no, no…he was a Russian agent before he became an anarchist. You must call him the OrangeAgent. Lulz!
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    Official Gramps' Memorial Eternal OT Thread

    Nothing better than a Tomato & Mayo sandwich with salt & pepper…until you add some 3/4 cooked bacon. That brings the tingle down the leg.
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    Count me as anyone that can read ANYTHING and not think about the fat, NY POS. Lock his a$$ up already and get him off my TV. Now, back to Juneteenth and race relations, maybe?
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    And just like that, we’re talking about the OrangeAgent
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    What is the future of California?

    Lived in Coronado for 2.5 years and the LBC for 2 years during the early 80’s. Even then you would have thought you moved from one country to another. They definitely had a strange breed in both places and this TN boy was ready to get home.
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    Newcomers begin summer classes

    Could we now claim we’re building stud by stud? Has a better ring to it.
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    Media Wars

    I kinda figured it wouldn’t make sense to you. (Only saying that after reading several of your post) What you wrote just now is only accurate if you have some proof of everyone that regularly watches Fox News, in fact did that night. You would also need proof that no one that regularly watch Fox...
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    Media Wars

    So Fox Business carried the live feed so local Fox stations could run with it. That probably scattered Fox viewers across many channels. They still top dog. Don’t watch much news myself but when I do, it will be the least biased Fox presentation. Brett Baier, Shannon Bream. Can’t stand any of...

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