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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Yep. I can see that too. Unfortunately, Covid is the great unknown.
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    I’m over Pruitt and Chaney

    I think I'm gonna step away from college football in general and UT football in particular for awhile.
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    Rewatched the game

    Must like pain. Do you enjoy going to the dentist too?
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    My thoughts on the Georgia game, after sleeping on it

    As long as Pruitt is satisfied with a game manager at QB, very little will change offensively.
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    Reusable Blueprint for Basically Every VOL Season Ever

    Well, it certainly could be worse. We could have a Commodore as our mascot.
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    Not trying to pump sunshine

    Paxton Brooks had a good day. Punted for a 47 yard average. Gotta find some positives where you can.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Puddle Pups- 31 Vols-16 51 yards for Palmer
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    Made a Bet this Morning

    I do not bet on the outcome of games but that would be a wager I would easily take. Good on you.
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    A View from Big Ben : Missouri

    With Wanya sitting there after the tackle, it reminded me of my plumber.
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    GA will eat our lunch...

    Georgia is looking bamaesque.
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    TCU vs TX #9 (Potential Upset)

    There's only one thing better than a Texas loss.......... a Notre Dame loss.
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    Some Nice Facts

    You'll never confuse JG with Manning but he is becoming a very good game manager.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Well, well, our resident flower has a birthday. Happy Birthday SAS.
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    So how do we come out of the tunnel Saturday?

    Actually, not a bad idea.

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