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    Pruitt quote from Finebaum

    Well, that's not what I wanted to read.
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    Is week 2 of the NCAA in jeopardy

    They will vote to play. Book it.
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    'Clinical judgments' key in college football contact tracing

    There is a BIG difference between dying WITH Covid and dying OF Covid.
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    UT has 12th most talented roster in nation

    Now let's do something with it.
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    Steelers claim Dobbs

    Cue D4H.
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    Happy Birthday Coach Fulmer

    Happy birthday Coach Fulmer.
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    Well we look ready... Wow

    According to CBS Sports, Tennessee was 50-1 to win the 2021 NCAA Basketball Championship. Their odds improved to 35-1 earlier this summer and are now 25-1 with the return of Pons. Please Lord, let us play.
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    Which WRs will lead us in receiving yards...

    Wish I could give you 100 likes.
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    Jauan Jennings "Definitely More Talented than a 7th Rounder"

    That $111,000 signing bonus will be eaten up by rent in that area in a month.
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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    If no coaches are allowed a face to face, who leads the tour of the facilities? Someone in administration?
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    SEC Shorts video on season...pretty great

    Very good short. The best one by far came out before the start of last season. The one with the fairy granting wishes to each team. I still laugh when I think of that one.
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    Kim English appreciation thread.

    Back up the Brinks truck and pay the man.
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    Would you pay to watch practice?

    I want to reply without without writing a long winded post. No.

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