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    Johnny & Phil

    Good God, did Ray Charles paint that? That’s an embarrassment...Someone please grab so spray pant...if anyone knows the artist, tell them I said they suck ass and should get a day job.
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    OT: Women of Troy HBO Documentary

    Sounds great, watch a bunch of peppermint patties miss layups and talk about their feelings...can’t wait, to never watch a second of it.
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    Auburn bans student for Vescovi comment

    This entire world has gone straight vagina...come on, that’s a joke. It’s called freedom of speech...and it’s not hate speech, stupid maybe but jeez the snowflakes are winning right now.
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    Steve Caldwell Returns to Rocky Top to Work Along Side Fulmer

    Umm, no...he's here for a few years only. He's not that guy, y'all are simpletons.
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    How to watch our bowl game

    Opie is a smoke show...what was the question??
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    I like the sound of this

    I’ve been banned...cut and paste please.
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    Um no...he’s a terrible coach and an even worse person.
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    CBS-SEC end relationship

    Don’t forget child exploitation and pedo issues...evil Corp, evil.
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    '20 LA CB Daran Branch (Ole Miss commit)

    Welp when you say really, really stupid stuff that’s what you get.
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    '20 LA DT Patrick Jenkins (TCU Commit)

    Would much rather have then jay hardy...
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    '20 GA RB Len'Neth Whitehead (UT SIGNEE)

    No way that dudes a RB in the SEC...
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    '20 TN DL Marcus Henderson

    Not coming here...he’s not even on the board. We’d take one more OL and that’s Tate if he can be flipped, otherwise it’s no go. The St. John kid is slated to visit Jan 24 but I believe we’ll be full and he won’t come but he’s a guard as well. I like MH but our coaches don’t.
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    General Neyland #36 on ESPN 150 Greatest Coaches

    Here’s the process...ok, all ND coaches are in top 30, then pick some obscure guys from nameless colleges so we can sound all inclusive then add a bunch of wild guys and finally gloss over great accomplishments by giving some extremely vague limited info...good work everyone.

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