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    Why did Butch Jones get us so close, where Dooley and Pruitt didn't?

    Butch didn’t get us close. The LOS was no better than it has been any other time since 2008. Dobbs, Kamara, etc created the illusion that we were close.
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    Who wants to take a shot at the offense depth chart?

    That's actually a pretty good starting OL. Not much proven depth though.
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    Huepel on Finebaum

    CJH is too busy.
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    Big men where are you?

    Neither Pons nor Fulky are healthy. When they get healthy, (IF) we will be fine.
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    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    Assuming this is just football, otherwise Bernard King and no one else is even close. Peyton really only had half a season. Erik Ainge beat Florida in his 3RD GAME as a Vol. Justin Hunter looked like a Heisman winner in his first few games. Lewis was a beast. Berry was Berry. But even though...
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    Best Vol True Freshman Ever

    Chuck Webb was a RS freshman.
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    Lastest DC - Patrick Toney (UofL)

    Patrick Toney | The Broyles Award
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    Fandom Points

    Loved both of those guys. Remember when Trevino threw a rubber snake at Nicklaus on the first tee?
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    Fandom Points

    Nope, Nicklaus was Palmer's rival. Never pulled for him.
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    Fandom Points

    If this were the 60s Woods would be replaced by Palmer, and in the 80s by Watson.
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    Fandom Points

    40 Vol Football 14 Vol Basketball 10 Indianapolis Colts 8 Boston Celtics 6 LV Basketball 5 Tiger Woods 4 NY Yankees 3 Vol Baseball 3 LV Softball 2 Golden State Warriors 2 KC chiefs 1 Anybody playing UConn women or the Lakers 1 Tenn Titans 1 Atlanta Braves
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    Season 1 “Realistic” Expectations

    Any year, any team, anything less than 9-3 is a disappointment. I’ll never accept mediocrity.
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    Wanya Morris arrives at OU

    I hoped he would stay. Now that he’s gone, we move on. What we do from here on is all that matters.
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    2005 - 2006 Seasons: What happened?

    Actually, that was 2004.
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    2005 - 2006 Seasons: What happened?

    2005 Rick Clausen started a lot of games because of the LSU meltdown in the first half by Ainge. In 2006, the coaches came to their senses and restored Ainge as the full time starter.

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