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    Bernard King's first college game. Who remembers? Where were you?

    So many memories of Bernard, but the one that sticks in my mind was his 30 points in the first half at Georgia.
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    Best Athlete to ever play at UT

    Depends on how you define "athlete". If you're talking about someone who could do it all, Widby is the man. If you're talking about speed and agility, probably Cordelle Patterson.
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    How many will fess up and admit they went to bed when the Vols were behind in the second half?

    I would have gone to bed but there was no pillow on the bar at Nama's.
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    If Nkamhou and Plavsic Can Rebound Like Rodman

    If I could hit backhands like Bjorn Borg ...
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    Sky Hook

    Excellent player.
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    Sky Hook

    Yes, first game was rough, but he's 66% since then.
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    Sky Hook

    It was like a grown man playing against 10 year olds.
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    Sky Hook

    Obviously, I remember him playing for the Bruins. He scored 56 points in his first college game.
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    Sky Hook

    Granted Uros Plavsic is not Lew Alcindor, but his sky hook is undefendable, and he's hitting it about 60% of the time. He can shoot it left handed or right handed. If the Vols can figure out how to get him the ball deep in the post, this could be a game changer.
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    Todd HOF?

    One of the top 5 first basemen of all time.
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    2020 offensive linemen

    And the 2nd team will be pretty darn good! Jamir Johnson Jerome Carvin Cooper Mays Krojhn Calbert Locklear/Lane/Akporoghene
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    2020 SEC QBs

    Top 5 SEC QBs: 5. Mac Jones 4. Bo Nix 3. Kellen Mond 2. Kyle Trask 1. Harrison Bailey :)

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