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    Game Thread: UT-Lady Vols v UCLA NCAA 1st Round

    All I know is that I’ll be rooting my tail off for Tennessee tomorrow, as always. Gotta get that 20th win for the season, and it only takes scoring one more point than UCLA scores to do it! :p
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    Will this be Holly Warlick's last game as Lady Vols coach?

    Try as I might to come up with one, I can't think of a single circumstance under which I could argue that Holly has been doing a good job. Nearly every longtime positive record the Lady Vols have ever held have gone by the wayside under Holly. There are dozens of negative markers on her watch...
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    Unfortunately We Lady Vol Fans Are Becomming A Pitiful Lot

    If Holly beats Connecticut to move into the Elite 8, the world will never be the same. There would be chaos as all the Holy Bibles currently in circulation would have to be collected and replaced with new, updated versions. I mean, the Miracle of The Day Holly Warlick Out-coached Geno Auriemma...
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    are fans pulling against UT so Holly is fired?

    The fact that she wanted to be a Lady Vol since she was a toddler was likely the reason. Just look at this cute photo of Diamond!
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    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    Interesting! I don’t know how our Aussie Lady Vols will turn out, but I do know that Australian women are known for being tough, no-nonsense, hard workers. Let’s hope we’ve got some great ones!
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    Tell me what you think holly was doing?

    Yes, and when they fail to go deep into the tournament they will, once again, place the entire blame for it on themselves, as is now customary for crestfallen Lady Vols. I absolutely HATE this. If they had a working offense and a well-taught set of fundamental skills to work with, then sure, I...
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    Andy Landers !

    True, and sometimes the way some people cope when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles is to become numb to them. We've all witnessed multiple players over the past decade who've come in with tons of promise, with energy and drive and determination galore to begin with, only to slowly...
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    We In!

    No, I wouldn't go THAT far. lol My impression is that she's just a little slow on the uptake.
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    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    Unfortunately, players who come in fitting that description haven’t been properly utilized during The Holly Years. For the life of me I can’t understand how she keeps signing supposed sharpshooters only to never figure out how to use them.
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    We In!

    Agreed. It boggles my mind how anyone could be as lacking in self awareness as she obviously is. Maybe it's like what happens to movie stars and high-powered politicians who never hear the truth from those around them and only ever hear how wonderful they are. :rolleyes:
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    We In!

    She may not be going anywhere, but there's no telling how many fans will be leaving. The day I read that she's going to be the coach next season is the day I'll be checking out prices for season tickets for Chattanooga. I literally feel like it wouldn't be healthy for me to watch another season...
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    So who do you hire?

    Wow! That's despicable, and I don't care if someone comes on here to say that "everybody does it." Tennessee isn't supposed to do it. Yuck.
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    are fans pulling against UT so Holly is fired?

    I wish I could "like" your post a thousand times, because this is exactly how I feel. This year's team could make a miracle run to the national championship and I would STILL want to see a new coach on the sidelines next season. I say this because it would, in FACT, be an actual God-given...
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    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    Wonderful! Hope Jess enjoys her life in Tennessee!

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