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    If you care about the Lady Vols, pay attention to the AD candidates

    Mudcat you and I are all good! Go Lady Vols!
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    If you care about the Lady Vols, pay attention to the AD candidates

    Hi Mudcat, I’m the one who mentioned Kara LAwson. Sorry I wasn’t clearer that I think Kara would make a great athletic director some day. She and Peyton were both Torchbearers. The highest honor given at UT. I wasn’t saying Kara should be LV coach. My bad. I love Kellie as our coach...
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    The Fulmer Experiment is Over

    Pruitt always had the chance to not pay recruits. Good riddance to the grammatically challenged gump!
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    It happens. When I go to UT football games and walk by the student section I think “when did UT start admitting so many thirteen year olds?”
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    If you care about the Lady Vols, pay attention to the AD candidates

    For example Kara Lawson would be a good AD.
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    Turning the Corner

    Well duh on my part. Missed it not once but twice! Love your posts CD!
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    Turning the Corner

    Sorry CD I’m not sure I follow?
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    No Vandy games this season

    So should we expect Stanford to call off their season next? How about Georgia Tech, Cal? Academics have nothing to do with this.
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    Turning the Corner

    I think Evina is a fine young woman who found herself in a difficult position. I hope she is happy and wish her well except when she is playing us. The two things I wish she had done differently: Not answered the reporters question in the locker room. With a little more maturity she might...
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    Kellie Harper has dramatically changed the LVs style of play

    Great posts here! So if you need to work on not breaking down when pressed how do you practice that if you don’t have a bunch of quick little guards to practice against? Asking for a friend. I’ll hang up and listen.
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    Game Thread: (23/24) Lady Vols at (RV/NR) Alabama

    Yep, bad night for Darth.
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    Game Thread: (23/24) Lady Vols at (RV/NR) Alabama

    So something that has not been commented on much is the play of freshman Destiny Salary. She had 4 rebounds today and is averaging about that per game (Ave. 15 min/game) she is also only averaging 1 TO per game. I think there is a lot of heart there. She is playing guard and is “only” 6’...
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    Game Thread: (23/24) Lady Vols at (RV/NR) Alabama

    Just want to mention that earlier this season I said Jordon Horston would be our next AA. Please mark that down. She is growing before our eyes.

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