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    Rush Limbaugh has passed

    Mine too, understand and God Bless
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    The benefit of hindsight

    Amen and AWomen
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    The wait on coaching moves

    Who else can we attract at out level, we're at that point where coaches go to earn a living before they get a real job
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    Ride the money train while it's rolling kinda deal ?
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    Stats Don't Lie & It's Not Pretty for Pruitt

    Nothing short of a 9 win season would make me happy with CJP but what do I know, I'm just a fan
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    Coaching Churn

    Very good thoughts. Thanks
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    Stats Don't Lie & It's Not Pretty for Pruitt

    Thanks, a lot of work in these stats, truth hurts ... CJP ain't Saban, he ain't even Gilligan or Gomer or Barney
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    Dylan Brooks signs

    BLUE FONT ? no wait, sorry, true
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    The Haslam hirings started this show and we haven't escaped and don't know how to yet ....

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