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    Who correctly breaks Pruitt firing/staying.

    I assumed ya'll would be at 100% with Hyams, He breaks every story. or should I have waited about a month after this thread was dead to post this?
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    Will we be allowed to have Spring practice?

    We covidly invite you to attend the Spring game.
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    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    I'm an insider ( inside my house ) and this is who their talking about. Nothing to see here.
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    In JGs four years i wonder if any coaches told

    Well..... too late to care now.
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    You're yelling about people deciding where to enroll... Maybe relax, since it's out of your control bro.
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    Forgot what they said the the R.F. but could be us, Clemson, maybe GA or FLA I think is what's been speculated.
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    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks (Tennessee Signee)

    Well, I guess that answers a couple of questions.. Looks like Pruitt is staying, and @rikberry31 was right. I'll take my captain obvious trophy now please.
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    Cade Mays returning per Jimmy Hyams

    The only bad gumbo is no gumbo. . . . so far. lol
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    What makes UT attractive?

    Plus It's a cool and unique tone when you see it in nature, plus everyone loves that tone of orange when designing/painting mechs.
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    Running backs

    Rumer has it, that he's not playing another snap this year.
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    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    @FrankenVol54 it's not a gothic novel but close enough. lol
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    Rumor - JT Shrout may be entering transfer portal [official per Pete Thamel]

    @DeerPark12 Does the recent transferring students help with possibly needing some room? Or is there a need for more room?
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    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    The kid that did the firetruck is going to be a beast art wise.
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    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    Did this commission a couple of years ago I think of a mashup of this guy's original content character, as the main character from The Evil Within video game. ( I've never played it )

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