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    Hype video

    It makes me wonder. Heupel has been Pearl-esque this season. Is he just better at it or were Pruitt and Jones just that bad?
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    For all the Kiffin lovers.....

    And our fan base wonders why other fan bases make fun of us
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    Ole piss is trash!

    You ain’t old school Tennessee if you refer to the rebels as anything other than Ole Piss
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    Caption This Photo

    This one gets my vote
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    If you say his name three times

    If he loves the attention, then why do you keep giving it to him?
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    Looks like Checker Neyland is happening [it's official]

    I’m torn. Part of me wants to see it rain to potentially slow them down but for the fans that will suck!
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    Amazing stats for defense

    What I saw was poor tackling, lack of basics, etc. You can’t do complicated things without understanding the basics
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    Amazing stats for defense

    But but he was a defensive genius…
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    UT’s “Hall of Shame”

    Definite Linda BM is on the list.
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    UT’s “Hall of Shame”

    You can start there. On the list: Dooley Pruitt Fulmer (AD version) Jones Randy Sanders
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    It’s time to give JH credit

    We all grieve differently...sunshine pumper or negavol or anything in between, it all comes out of us in different ways. I honestly don't mind the take and I don't let it affect me. I'm happy that we've won more than we have lost through 6 games. I do wish Tennessee fans would unite in...
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    Were any of you there for the 98 Arkansas game?

    Yes. It was freezing. Standing in the student section as a senior. It was a glorious game!
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    It's happening [Dark Mode]

    Hell yeah

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