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    James Franklin (Penn St)

    Franklin is a doooooshebag.
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    Post your coaching pick

    Bond. James Bond.
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    Have you seen Rosie O’Donnell lately. :eek:
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    WTH is wrong with the people making decisions at UT?

    I'm sure they will miss your $25 yearly donation.
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    Was Chaney let go?

    I'd like to see ole Jim try to do the limbo...
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    Team "Captains"

    Welcome to the Lance Dance!!
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    Henry T to OSU?

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    Keyshawn Lawrence enters portal

    Travis Henry asked " Whats the pull out method"?
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    The Lane Kiffin Thread

    You got a problem with young co-eds???? 😛
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    Does Tee ask to be interviewed for the head ball coach job?

    He will probably be interviewed so the old r.a.c.e.c a.r.d. cant be played. Tee isn't ready for a big-time SEC HC gig. He needs a smaller school to cut his teeth on. He's a VFL and I respect him for that.
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    Gus Malzahn

    He's getting $21 MEEELYUN to not coach......duhhhhhh.
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    What I will miss most about Jeremy Pruitt...

    So you weren't laughing with were laughing at him?😜
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    What I will miss most about Jeremy Pruitt...

    I will miss his iron-clad shut down defense......ohhhh wait a minute

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