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    Milton & the last play

    Bailey should have taken the last snap....Milton' football IQ is sorely lacking.
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    Milton & the last play

    On the last play, needing a TD, why the %@#$ didn't he heave it into the end zone? That one hurts my head.
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    Coach Lane Kiffin will never consider returning to UT to coach

    Lame Kitten is a pile of dogschittt you step in and takes forever to scrape off of your shoe. He is classless and proved it with the 27 fake injury bullcrap to slow down our Hurry-Up Offense.
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    Caption This Photo

    "Lane, you really do look like a weasel. Damn, I thought Vol fans were only joking."
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    Johnson City Man ...

    Hopefully he enjoyed it as much as you did.
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    If you say his name three times

    She does a nude hot tub scene with Jack Nicholson in "About Schmidt".....its scary....really scary.
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    It's Official! Stop Your Wooing

    Dream 5 year old granddaughter puts the "wooo" in, so for me, it stays....Wooooooo!!!
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    Josh Pate says Vols will

    Vicky is that you?
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    Josh Pate says Vols will

    In hindsight, I agree with you. Phil was all about Phil. He gave us Beldar Cornbread....what a cluster- **** that was. Glad both are gone.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    Vols 44 Old Piss 38 894 yards
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    Here’s why I think ole miss wins

    Here's why I think you're full of sheeeet...... 1. You dont have crystal ball 2. Your name isn't Nostradamus 3. You have brown eyes you're so full of sheeeet.
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    Jeremy Pruitt… worst UT head coach ever?

    Pruitt = Goober Maximus
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    Montario Hardesty vs Sc in blk

    Jokes are supposed to be funny or at least went 0-2, Gomer.
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    Montario Hardesty vs Sc in blk

    Please don't do that...again. 🙄

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