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    ‘22 TN C Handje Tamba

    Fulk two years ago was pretty dang good compared to injured knees Maymon, but I agree with last year’s team. Maymon with good knees was amazing
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    Why has Omar Payne gotten no action after the game from Florida or the SEC ?

    The post seems to admit that he meant to cause an injury also, (even if not as serious) which would be reason for suspension imo
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    Because there are good medical reasons to not have guys with concussions on the sideline, enter games before official protocols are finished, etc. For the record, I think he had a concussion
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    Yahoo Sports/Pete Thamel Article Says Coaches Expect UT to Flop at the Dance

    The only thing making me not feel lost already about OKSt is that we’re actually pretty good at taking away a team’s top option. Not many players have really dominated us by themselves
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    Yahoo Sports/Pete Thamel Article Says Coaches Expect UT to Flop at the Dance

    His record says we should have done better in the regular season. It’s reverse Rick time baby
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    Guys fought their guts out. Proud of the effort and the whole team.

    I think being down a starter and hanging against a top ten team is a decent sign
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    So is Joe Lunardi not respecting the SEC with his seed predictions?

    Just worry about what teams he has in. His seeding isn’t very accurate
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    Payne did the minimum that was necessary, imho. I’m gonna respect Fulk’s wishes and stop being mad at him though
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    Kentucky lost

    It’s probably because our forum is actually decent. People like using forums that aren’t garbage (hahaha)
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    If a guy elbowed me like that at a grocery store and walked away, you can bet I would press charges and be mad as heck at that random guy. I think it depends on the level of injury generally as to whether charges should be pressed in cases of intentional injury. Here? Probably not. Some of...
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    What if the elbow had killed him or gave him a severe brain injury? I’m being silly but you have to draw a line somewhere. I don’t really think this should be assault but Payne definitely deserves more than ejection from the game. Ejection from one game halfway through is not a good penalty for...
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    I see what you mean and raise you intentionally injuring Lebron with a cheap shot. Players should not be able to target the other teams most important players without severe consequences. We’re lucky most players have ethics I know I’m being ridiculous about this but there really should be a...
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    I hope Fulk gets better soon and his concussion wasn’t as bad as it looked. I agree with others, Flagrant 2s need a worse penalty somehow. Like opposing coach chooses a player on your team to remove for the rest of the game or player is out for the rest of the year or something like that if you...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Florida Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Good win, especially with the adversity. Proud of the way our guys responded after Fulk went down. Hope Fulky ends up being okay
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Florida Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I feel like there hasn’t been enough talk about this Vols’ team’s heart rallying without Fulky. Or like him being at least our second best post player and a big loss

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