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    Air fresheners are illegal in Minnesota

    The perpetual deflectors are out in full force blaming anything and everything except the actual reason which is running from the police in a vehicle which could kill other people. People don't just wake up one day with several warrants out for their arrest and running from the police is a...
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    CDC Declares Racism a Serious Public Health Threat

    Micro aggressions against non-racists by individuals who are racist is also a major health crisis
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    Amazon Labor Union Vote

    Were they given snacks while voting? Did the extend voting hours by weeks to accommodate those voters who can’t follow simple instructions? If the answer is no, then the vote was racist and suppressed
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    CDC Declares Racism a Serious Public Health Threat

    How long will the economy need to be shut down to lower the curve on racism? Will we need to wear a mask? Asking for a friend
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    The coming DECADE of UT Football is currently on Life Support......

    If we had only know then that Derek Dooley had been hired instead of Cutcliff, what an abject disaster. Mike Hamilton shouldn't be allowed to hire anyone the rest of his life
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    MLB cancels ASG in Atlanta

    Voter suppression
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    MLB cancels ASG in Atlanta

    In it’s imagination. They closed the DMV where I live and moved it to the south end of the county. I live in a majority white, rural county. I guess they are suppressing white voters as well
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    ‘I Thirst’ — Would You Offer Him a Drink?

    So desperate that you refuse to go with them? Unlikely
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    Heupel Deserves Better Than This

    Honestly, we should probably just burn the whole thing down and start over from the waterboy to the lowest secretary job. This program is being cursed by a voodoo witch doctor
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    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    This program is full of absolute morons with few exceptions, even if he is innocent the story is out and it continues to make our team look like a mental asylum
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    ‘I Thirst’ — Would You Offer Him a Drink?

    I am not wrong and you didn’t spend two years of your life “helping immigrants”.
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    MLB cancels ASG in Atlanta

    They are too stupid to tie their own shoes per the Left
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    MLB cancels ASG in Atlanta

    So, the Democratic base which is primarily made up of minorities is too stupid to follow basic rules only older, middle aged white people are intelligent enough to follow them. Good to know
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    MLB cancels ASG in Atlanta

    Per the Left, they are too stupid to figure it out and need their hand held by their superior government masters

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