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    "Saturday was a movie"-TN Football Video

    Still get chill bumps! Nothing like rocky top!
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    Ramel Keyton (don't panic)

    Ramel, I hope you read this, we’re so proud of you! That catch you made against Florida is legendary! It’ll go down in history, proud of you man! Glad you’re a Vol!
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    Hendon Hooker is just unreal

    One day we’ll look back and say remember when…! He’s that good, and dependable!
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    Tony V Comments on the UT/UF game

    If I were Heupel, I'd put him on the sidelines for the game this weekend! I'm not kidding! That dude brings juice!
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    Vol Navy Representing!

    There is no fanbase like Tennessee! You think them boys right there ain't fired up?!
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    Florida game fatigue already setting in (what are your plans?)

    Was that you I saw sleeping by Fieldhouse Social parking garage after the Ball St game?
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    Your best Sunday 9/25 Headline

    Neyland Rocks! Vols Make Light Work of Gators
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    If you’re not confident now then you’re never gonna be...

    Agreed! Let’s go kick their collective gator tail!
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    So on a Pitt long run gain in the 3rd quarter…

    Man! I’m glad we beat them! It was going to suck to get beat by them twice when we should have won both!
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    McCoy already showing serious value for Vols

    He’s legit! He’s going to make plays this year against the biggest opponents that we will remember forever! So glad he’s a Vol!
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    Pee Wee League

    I think they should be favored! I also think we should win the game.
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    How bout let’s just get ready for Pitt!
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Ball State Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Bout to head over to the stadium in about an hour! 😎
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    Up and Comer Golesh

    If we had a defensive head coach I’d worry more, but this is CJH’s offense for sure
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    Watching the EPSNU replay of Music City Bowl, damn we got hosed.

    Defense was bad, but that was a touchdown in OT. Doesn’t mean we would have won, but it certainly meant we lost

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