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    Screw Georgia

    Hey, at least its not Alabama, Georgia, not good, but it could be worse!
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    Cade Mays declares for the NFL Draft

    Good luck Cade, go make it happen and just know we will be watching and cheering!!
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    Tennessee - Memphis cancelled

    Just glad our guys weren’t exposed to that bunch
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    Cade Mays looking for an NIL deal that would pay him “third or fourth round money”.

    The exciting new world of college football!!! I love it! Someone said, "If you can't get out of it, get into it!" So, let's go!!
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    Hendon Hooker tweet - he's back!

    If you were head coach, how much you play him in bowl game?
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    5* CB Daylen Everett Just Decommitted from Clemson

    Not good to be Clemson right now. Hate for them (not)
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    Are we forgetting about Mr. Jackson in 2022

    Exactly, Does your heart rate go up at game time? Does it take you days to get over a Tennessee loss? Players and coaches come and go but “we” never leave!
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    Big Time NIL Deal - VQ Podcast

    Meth? Want no part of that!
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    SO Who You Pulling For ; bama ---uga? Why?

    I live in Alabama so…
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    Can we recruit top defensive players?

    Can u imagine what the score would have been Saturday if the defense had gotten off the field on third down?
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    Tim Banks to Duke? That wouldn't be good

    Bet on yourself, Duke ain't no place to be for football
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    White and UT could use any OU Smoke to our advantage.

    nuff said (He'd probably be embarrassed to call CJH)
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    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    They’d be very lucky to have CJH, love that guy, but I hope like he’ll they hire stoops away from Kentucky (But I don’t know why?! We’ve beat his best teams, even at “Kroger” field Ha!)

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