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  2. Knox-a-rue combine grades

    If you click the link, Bituli has a grade of 5.4.
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    The Golf thread II

    Well, there you go.
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    Offseason: Pick an annual OOC foe

    USC west, Notre Dame or Va Tech. I would prefer Va Tech.
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    The Golf thread II

    WATCH: 84-year-old Ole Miss fan drains 94-foot putt to win new car at Rebels basketball game So this old lady is at an Ole Miss basketball game and she sinks a full court put to win a new car. 94 feet they say. 31 yards. Pretty cool. The hardwood floor is harder than any green, but is also...
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    LOUDEST College Football stadium voting -OSU?

    Shouldn't they just measure with a decibel-meter or whatever its called. What if everyone voted that the 18th green at Augusta was louder than a Harrier jet taking off, would that make it so? I voted though.
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    Go Big Pink? Lavender? Oh, good grief. Can we fire someone and wear orange again?
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    2020 NFL Offseason Thread

    Also, Myles Garret was just reinstated. NFL reinstates Myles Garrett from indefinite suspension; Browns announce they will welcome him back
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    2020 NFL Offseason Thread

    Surely the Bears will try to get a QB from free agency. They have no 1st round picks in the 2020 draft. They will surely not start the 2020 season with Trubisky under center. Dalton or Mariota are my guesses. Or, it wouldn't surprise me if Nagy drafts Hurts. He seems like a good fit for their...
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    Has Tennessee ever had a starter play Basketball and Football?

    You think Uros is going to walk on (football), too?
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    2020 Football 5 Bold Predictions

    I hope you're right but I have my doubts about a few. "You cannot replace a Daniel Bituli" - Denzel Washington, Remember the Titans. But I love HT, especially his smiles and I have high hopes for our defense. So I think 4 and 5 are plausible. I think 2 OR 3 are plausible but not both. I dont...
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    Which is your personal favorite Super Bowl of all time?

    Worst has to be when Peyton and the Broncos were destroyed by the Seahawks. Only memorable thing about that game is that I was in the Philippines and watched it live on Monday morning. Best, well, I'm a Chiefs fan so... But also. Eli beating the Pats in 2007ish was great. And the Pats coming...
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    The Official Tennessee @ Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    Quick question. I think I was watching the other day and the announcer said one of our players wanted to be a professional bass fisherman after graduation. Does anyone remember who? It may have been the other team. I just have a fleeting memory of it.
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    Year 5 expectations

    Yes and yes.
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    SB Prop Bets Challenge

    I meant Matthew, not Hardman.

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