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    How many coaches will loose their jobs after a Big Orange 🍊 Loss in 2020

    Saban, cause we beat the snot out of Bama. He will declare retirement and we will have to back up a truckload of money to CJPs house to keep him from leaving AND I dont care how much it is, if we beat the snot out of Bama!
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    Offseason: Pick an annual OOC foe

    Expand our reach, play UNC, neutral site game every year before the first bye. Rotate cites: Ontario, Canada Mexico City, Mexico Seoul, South Korea Frankfort, Germany Vinchensa, Italy ETC, ETC, ETC! We can take over the world Brain!
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    Javo Splatter

    For the record, there is no such thing as "too much Jack in your morning coffee" It HAs to be something else!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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    Jeremy Banks reinstated? [Pruitt says no]

    I'm not an insider but I called this yesterday! I think I need to go buy some lottery tickets!!!! GO VOLS!!!
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    A finish of Beckwith, Wideman, & Evans

    Wideman 100% Beckwith 100% Jeremy Banks 100% GBO!!!!!
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    How long before VN goes loco??

    It's VOLNATION! Every QB that hasn't played is better than the one that is playing! I call it, Orange Logic! It's irrelevant, irresponsible, irreverent, and incoherent. Most of have 4 "i"s, and they're all blind!!
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    Maurer? Portal bound?

    He switches position to slot receiver?

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