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    EJ Anosike is a Vol

    I like his game!
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    Jalen Johnson enters transfer portal

    Good Luck Jalen... Whoops!
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    Thanks Jordan Bowden

    Thank You Jordan Bowden! You worked hard and had so much placed upon your Shoulders this year. You Are A True Volunteer!
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    Stayin' Alive...for real.

    Waiting on another surgery but Life is Good!
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    Stayin' Alive...for real.

    In the Hospital With Crohn’s As I am typing. Best Wishes and Good Luck . GBO!
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    '21 AL SDE William Whitlow Jr

    The First Big Offer sometimes pays dividends down the road. Even in today’s climate with the 25 Scholarship Limit a Coach like Pruitt can spit that potential of two years down the road. Not to say others cannot but I like this guy like I do Reginald Perry from the 20 class. I ( JMO) Do Not...
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    Opinions on Zach Evans Situation

    By the way I read the BR Article awhile back. People have different opinions on him.
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    Opinions on Zach Evans Situation

    You can Google it, don’t like my opinion ...oh well...just a thought.
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    Opinions on Zach Evans Situation

    People read too much into the mind of an 18-19 year old young person. I gathered from from reading about ZE that he was looking away from Texas, not the University just Texas. If UT has the chance, get him! If Evans wants to be a VOL, that is a great pick up, if not I hope he goes to another non...
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    '20 AL ATH Camryn Beckwith (PWO)

    Signing to play College Football At DIII Schools is big thing for kids. That is why one sees so many Local Athletes do the same. Gives them a time in the limelight. Being a PWO at UT and playing with his brother is a great thing for these two young men. Very happy that they are close and look...
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    Chris Rumph leaving for the Houston Texans

    Sinking Ship? When Contracts are not renewed or an opportunity arrives to Coach in the NFL ; the sinking ship theory just does not float.
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    The difference in mentality between Jeremy Pruitt and Butch Jones

    Jones followed Brian Kelly at Central Michigan and then again at Cincinnati if I am not mistaken. He had success at each school but did he achieve this with his recruits or Kelly’s recruits? Just looking at the years it seems he had a bunch of holdovers from Kelly’s success. When Jones got...
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    '20 TN DT Deven Jones (PWO)

    Thank You Sir!
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    '20 TN DT Deven Jones (PWO)

    Beat Cancer but still fighting Crohn’s Disease. I Love life and do not dwell on the things I cannot Control. My opinion may irritate people but I just try to tell it like it is. I miss Teaching and Coaching , tried to give my all. Hope you are well , thank you so much for the compliment! GO VOLS!

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