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    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    I haven't seen anyone use exclamation points that haphazardly since Elaine Benes.
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    Did Vols leaders miss out on Mark Ingram

    ADs are just like coaches, there is no guarantee that past success at one school translates over to another. You could find the greatest AD there is and if the rest of the administration is inept it's going to be awfully hard for that person to have success.
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    Pruitt and Nashville recruiting

    Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame have been winning with Tennessee kids for years. Pruitt could be given the head coach job in Tuscaloosa today and he couldn't win. I take high school coach's comments on college coaches with a grain of salt as we know some of them get riled if their guys aren't...
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    Recruiting: Opinions

    I want to see some player development regardless if the player is a 5 star can't miss prospect or a PWO. We've seen the last two staffs be able to recruit but limited to no development of the players once they're here. If Heupel and Co can coach these guys up that's going to be a recruiting tool...
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    Here's the real problem...

    Actually they can change all those things. Go back to sleep.
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    Shawn Shamburger in the portal (again)

    I honestly had no idea he was still on the team.
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    Poll: Do you believe players are paid?

    A friend of mine played at UNC in the early to mid 90s and it was absolutely happening according to him.
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    Mike Farrell

    Trey Smith has health issues that could have cost him his life, didn't exactly get great coaching at UT yet he's still in the NFL and he WILL make more money in the next 10 years than Ferrell will see if he "works" until he's 90. Go Trey, Go Vols and F Mike Ferrell
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    Future of Vols Uniforms and Cleats

    Nobody is "worried" about uniforms, the OP had a question about how Heupel and White felt about alternates and DP answered that there could be one a year. So I guess when that game rolls around and they don't trot out in what you expect you can take your panties off in a hurry so they won't get...
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    Bunch that just don't get it !

    I'm more concerned about how haphazardly you use exclamation points.
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    UT football ALMOST nonexistent to recruits?

    The fact that Tennessee was in the running for both Simpson and Horn just proves how irrelevant this article is. Yeah, UT isn't as "well known" as the 90's but it isn't like they're Florida International or something. If Heupel wins some games and this offense does what it's expected to do...
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    Pruitt Mentor Rush Propst In Trouble

    Eh, birds of a feather and all that I guess.
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    Coach KH added to Women's Coach of the Year late season list

    Things are looking up and I can see UT start reeling in top 5 recruits once again. It's already a night and day difference between this team and what we've witnessed the last few years. The Uconn game showed this team has the opportunity to beat anyone they're on the court with, refreshing to see.
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    Tim Banks Officially Announced As DC

    And abandon the VN way? Never!
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    I'd much rather have Jancek than Martinez. But give me someone, anyone, who can teach guys how to get lined up properly and that can tackle.

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