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    If you stop believin'...

    That OPI call against the Titans on 3rd down really suk'd!! Changed the game
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    Dogs of VolNation

    Doc and Dan being good boys!
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    How did you discover VolNation Football Forum?

    I was in the Middle East and starving for anything Vol related. I went to KNS site often. One day I noticed VN, clicked on it and was immediately hooked. My boss was a Bammer, so he use to give me grief when he caught me on the site during working hours. So, I got the IT guy to help me put VN...
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    Talking Watches with Volnation

    I have an older Tag chrono and was salivating when this watch came out. I was in Indonesia and on a layover in Singapore I went looking to buy one of these. When I saw one, Dmmm that is a big watch! I'm not a big guy an the watch covered my entire, i had to pass but it a great...
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    Kiffin to Ole Miss

    I thought U went to the Candy board after your JJ rant?
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    Pruitt grabs Shamburger's jersey - media snowflake loses it

    This!! Wish I could like this post 100 times. For all the snowflakes reading this, pls read twice and think about it..
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    Pruitt grabs Shamburger's jersey - media snowflake loses it

    Just as a reminder to your and all the other Snowflakes, (especially since the JJ play with Vandy) The Shamburger situation seemed not to be "world shaking" or make a difference except your and other snowflakes. If you look at the end of that video, he was saying "yes sir" to Pruitt. Then, came...
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    Are you drinki'n a lot these days TT? Your demeanor seems to have changed!
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    Volleyballers on the road starting Sunday (11/10) vs Alabama

    Dmm tv just switched from Lady Volly Vols to some weird football game. Wed. night 11/13.. Final set and TN was ahead....can someone pls tell me ending of this match! Thanks
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    Bob Kesling

    I'd like to find whomever hired Bob and, kick 'em in the nuts...…...for the misery of having to listen to him all these years.
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    Daniel Bituli

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    Unconditional love

    You can post thing like your OP anytime you want Volly! I'll read and enjoy them!!!!
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    Post Game Presser?

    You Sir are clueless!!

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