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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Miami vs The Sugar Bowl - 1986

    I was fortunate enough to be on the sideline of the Sugar Vols as a friend who was a sports writer for a local paper was able to get press passes. Truly the experience of a lifetime!! Walking around "the Big Easy" for two days before the game overhearing Miami fans saying "don't know why we...
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    Florida itenrary, suggestions welcome

    Guess Joe likes driving across Alligator Alley!
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    We got a new feeder late summer last year. Results were so-so. We put it out early May and saw a couple around it and then no hummers for two weeks. My wife was in panic mode!!!! We tried the new feeder because the ones we had been using were getting old and the "seats" were falling apart...
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    The Official 2nd Amendment Appreciation Thread

    I love 1911's. I have two. Every time I pick one up I get this vision of a brick and a plate glass window....:)
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    The Official 2nd Amendment Appreciation Thread

    I am I remembering the caption to this pix correctly??
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    The Gardening Thread

    :Hey Tin Man, are U in TN?? I'm in Cookeville area (when i'm not in SWFL) My Iris are budding but just a single bloom or two. Your look to be a couple weeks ahead of mine! And they are beautiful, Don't think i've ever seen the Smokey Pink before!!!
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    To me, Whipporwills have the most enchanting call of Any bird!! Guess it's just a Southern Thing!!! I have only seen two or maybe three in my lifetime.......and I've been around a while!!!!!!
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    The camera on my wife's phone is soo.. much better than mine. Thanks for the likes everyone! This pix shows the markings on the wings so much better. Glad to hear from those that have seen these birds and glad to know they are plentiful in some parts of TN. Maybe some will migrate here and run...
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    Has anyone put up a Hummingbird .. bird house? If so, did U have any success?? I ask because I just saw one on Amazon that looks pretty neat!
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    Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs

    What the H*** is with the temps tonight?? This is a 3 dog night and there is only two of US?? Doc and his brother Logan
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    New visitor to our back yard!! Haven't seen one of these around but, we just got a new bird feeder!!
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to VN! And, thanks for all U do Freak!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball 2022.

    Thanks much!

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