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    ‘22 NJ OL Savion Herring - JUCO (Tennessee Commit)

    Tackle by Jimmy Nooooooonan. Craig Puuuuuuuki with the assist
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    KC was the only person who came to play

    Have to develop these big men to be scorers. Can’t depend on your guards to carry the offense.
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    No Nico Thread??

    We’ll see how Oregon fares with a new HC. Who, btw was sought after because he had amazing defenses at NC winning SEC school. Sound familiar?
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    Skyy Clark decomitts from UK

    Bad attitude…no thanks.
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    Jackson Hannah transfers in from Cornhuskers

    He was a solid HS linebacker at MBA. Will probably help on ST
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    '18 TN LB Jackson Sirmon (Washington transfer)

    Really good kid, high football IQ. Probably going to Cal to play for his Dad and Wilcox.
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    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    My raise and extension is Gonna Be Outrageous…
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    Recruiting Updates as Signing Day Approaches

    What have you heard about Kane? His brother is committed to Vandy.
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    How would we have performed without the outgoing transfers?

    Did Hooker/Milton announce their intentions to transfer to UT before or after Guarantano announced his? We could have all those transfers back but it wouldn’t matter if JG was still QB.
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    '18 NC WR Tre Turner (Va Tech transfer, not yet in portal)

    Bring some linebacker friends with you
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    Fake HS Tricks ESPN Loses To IMG 58-0

    My nephew played against them in 2019. They were disorganized and poorly coached. Now It makes sense…
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    '20 MD CB David Vincent-Okoli (WVU transfer)

    What in the name of Pacman Jones would make you think that?
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    First Tennessee football game you attended

    CT - I remember that '75 Utah game...I was 5. Sat in the old green bleachers in North End Zone. I distinctly remember the 2 Utah players they sent up into the stands in pregame warmups to catch field goal attempts. I guess they were worried UT fans would steal the footballs....
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    South Pittsburg hires new Head Football Coach

    Big shoutout to Sequatchie County baseball this weekend. Enjoyed meeting their team parents and watching good baseball. Has nothing to do with South Pitt but I hope some SC folks are tuning into this thread.
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    Brian Jean-Mary Hired As LB Coach

    Good point 😬

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