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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    Sucks Chandler fell to the 2nd round, couldn't be happier with where he landed! He should be an important piece to a championship team within the next 5 years. Only NBA team I follow is the Grizzlies, they are set up for a potential dynasty. So many good young pieces. Great spot for him...
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    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    Agree 100%. The roster was absolutely gutted on both sides of the ball following Pruitt's departure. Last year Tennessee had no business being as competitive as they were. The last staff left a sh*t show for Heupel and staff to clean up. I think people forget the disaster Pruitt left this...
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    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    I'm probably in the minority but given what he had to work with I thought Banks did a really good job. Especially with the offense Heupel runs. I wasnt a huge fan of the hire but he turned Alontae into a 2nd round pick (before the season I would have said 3rd or 4th round was his ceiling) and...
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    Transfer Tyreke Key (Tennessee commit)

    I only follow 2 basketball teams (vols and grizzlies) someone probably has a better comp. But he reminds me of Desmond Bane. Would be thrilled with that.
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    Huge NIL News for TN!!! Join Spyre!

    Man I thought Tennessee was way behind the NIL game 6 months ago. My how things have changed.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Bottom left, head sticking out in that patch of grass
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    The Official #9 Tennessee vs. Texas A&M SEC Championship Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Dream start, keep foot on the gas and end this before halftime!
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    The Official #9 Tennessee vs. #5 Kentucky Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, ESPN

    Best I have seen BHH play all year. Difference maker today
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    QB NIL deals

    I'm actually pretty happy to hear this. Hooker deserves it.
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    ZZ #2 in Sportscenter top 10

    I like this view better, watching it live I had no idea he went between the legs, makes it that much nastier. What a move.
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    '19 TX WR Isaiah Neyor

    Obviously it's where he wanted to be, it's his home state but if his dream is getting to the NFL Ole Miss or TN would have been better spots for him imo.
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    '19 TX WR Isaiah Neyor

    One of the few RARE times where I actually feel bad for the kid in this scenario. He used his one "free" transfer and he goes to Texas....if he came to UT he would have been a 2nd-3rd pick in this offense on the biggest stage in college football. Dont see that upside with Texas. I just feel like...
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    Thank you Javonta Payton

    Big play waiting to happen. He should have a better pro career than college

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