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    Defensive Holes

    John Henderson was the driving force behind Tennessee beating Florida at Gainesville in 2001. In a interview, He said, "We are going down there to whip Florida" (Paraphrased)
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    9 Wins?

    And SCAR got Spencer Rattler from OKIE . They aint gonna roll over.
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    Who would have thought

    Sickening. This will go down forever as the "Year that was supposed to be." UT wins the CWS.
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    New commit: MS S John Slaughter

    Hollow Comeback is your Forte.
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    Great season, but Vols not getting to Omaha…

    Very Sad Commentary.. I watched NONE of the cws coverage.
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    New commit: MS S John Slaughter

    Recruiting has been a big deal for the last 30-40 years with at least 5 publicatiions releasing a top 100--top 200 list. Tennessee usually got 5-10 players out of the top 100--150; Beginning in 1979 with Majors and continuing into the early 2000's with Fulmer. Some come to mind, REGGIE...
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    New commit: MS S John Slaughter

    FULMER Routinely Signed 12-16 4&5 star players each year. Musta been before your time.
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    How would a loss to Florida make u feel?

    Like I was really bored in the offseason
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    Spurrier ^ Chavis.
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    Neyland new capacity 101,915 after renovations

    "lard stuffed bipedal whales". EASY NOW; The Politically Correct Police Will Be At Your Door! LMAO!
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    Good Clean Entertainment for the Kids Lucky to experience it. Saw many Cisco Kid Reruns. And there was the Rock song too.
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    Prayers needed!

    Dang. Too much of this is happening these days. We are living in some tough times. Sympathy to the Family; been there too many times lately myself.
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    Niedermeyer a little bitter?

    YOU seen him too??
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    John Ward tribute

    WOW... WOW. That's all I can say to this. And many Vols say that John Ward was even Better at Basketball than He was announcing Football.
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    John Ward tribute

    How about "Tickled the twine" "Bang" "What did He do? He SCORED!" "GOOOODAH!" So Many! I've heard other announcers use BOTTOM and BANG; But no Zing to it. Ward was Pure Perfection. And that's hard to attain. HE DID IT.

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