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    '20 UY PG Santiago Vescovi (UT commit 11/22/19)

    Zach Kent not on the bench. Vescovi in on OV today. Last day of the signing period. Looks like a done deal to me
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    ‘20 NC SG Jaden Springer (UT commit 10/23/19)

    Not sure Memphis would be visiting so soon if they didn’t have some reason to believe that it’s possible for Springer to commit to them. Doesn’t look like Springer closed the door on Memphis.
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    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    It’s being reported that Blackshear will forgo his senior year to enter the NBA year.
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    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    Blackshear will be the most hated player in college basketball this coming year since Marshal Henderson.
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    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    I guess the soap opera continues tomorrow. I would say Michigan will be talked about again and Texas A&M will be back in it.
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    ‘20 NC PG Jalen Cone

    Isn’t there like a dozen Jordan Bone threads?
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    Villanova or Purdue?

    Are we playing tomorrow? I prefer the players focus on Iowa. The fans can always want the easiest path. Do you think coach Barnes and the assistants are not scouting Purdue and Villanova
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    Mean Face Trombone Girl

    She copying one of the alumni band member that plays during the break in December when the kids are out of school. He’s been doing it for years.
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    2020 Target List

    OK. Thanks
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    2020 Target List

    Are there 2 Walkers?
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    2020 Target List

    VQ podcast said he was blown away by the visit and atmosphere of the game. Also interesting was Walker ended up coming in on a unofficial visit cause of some paperwork mishap. So he just jumped on a plane to come up here.
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    2020 Target List

    Is that true? I heard that he cancelled the visit due to illness in the family and will reschedule probably for the KY game.
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    Where are all the posters who complained when Dave Hart hired Rick Barnes as our basketball coach?

    What’s the point of the thread? To point fingers? Why the negativity? Just enjoy possibly the best UT season ever.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    A number 1 ranking is historic for our program. To stay there for more than 3 days would be an achievement we have never seen. So yes it does matter. It would also benefit us in recruiting. There is a difference in telling a recruit we are #3 and the number 1 team in the land. Go big orange!!!
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    Duke beats Virginia this weekend and we win our 2 games this week then we are #1 in the coaches poll and #2 in the AP

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