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    Worst Producer On WNML

    Whoever is responsible for not firing Heather Harrington has to be considered the worst.
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    Going to say what no one else will: Kennedy Chandler’s already the best PG

    In 2 games he’s been incomparable to any other Freshman that I have seen at UT. Just looking at the last 3 (JJJ, Jaden, and Keon) it’s not even close. We will learn a lot this time next week when the level of competition steps up significantly.
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    ‘22 FL SF Dillon Mitchell

    The individuals that saw them play head to head are the one’s saying that.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    I guess we should stop recruiting top 50 players and go back and only bring in players ranked over 150. I can’t believe we have people bitching about 5 star players.
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    Keon Johnson Declares for NBA Draft

    Once Walker enters the portal, arguably our best recruiting class in history actually hurt our program. We have nothing left to build on from this recruiting year. And this past years team significantly under achieved, IMO. What a disappointment.
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    Corey Walker should have helped this year, will he next year?

    Why do you think he’s on the team to begin with. Barnes knows what talent is and knew Pember would probably never be a contributor. What AAU team did Pember play for? Got to open that pipeline somehow.
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    Corey Walker should have helped this year, will he next year?

    That would be a stupid move getting rid of Pember.
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    I personally don’t think we will make the final four this year. Next years roster will be totally different depending on who stays / goes, but right now on paper I don’t think it’s likely. Top 25 - yes. Top 4 - not likely. But definitely not saying it’s not possible. I do believe the right...
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    Where is Corey Walker?

    I would be shocked if we ever see Walker play for TN.
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    Where is Corey Walker?

    I have no information to back this up, but I would not be surprised if he enters the portal the end of the season.
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    Kentucky lost

    We needed UK to win this game.
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    Vandy: 1/16/2021, SEC Network, 6pm (TN 81, VU 61)/// (@VU 1/12/2021 postponed)

    I would expect a replacement game for at least 1 of the dates.
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    Tennessee has no shooters

    Santiago and Bailey are great shooters. But not so sure they are great when the game is on the line. When we need them to hit a shot when we are down. Right now, Springer is our best offensive player. And Keon is electric and needs more game time experience. Our team last year was a 500 team...
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    Tennessee-UT Martin game has been cancelled

    Possibly Colorado Tuesday

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