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    charges against Middleton dismissed

    Does this mean Darel Middleton is in good standings with VOLS football? GO VOLS
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    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe (Tennessee commit)

    OH YEA!!! BOOM!
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    New Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread, politics free version.

    I agree! Thought this was a football thread, not a cooking thread!
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    How good does everyone think Tennessee will be

    Other teams will have the same problems. We are not the only team that is going through this.😣
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    New Texas coach

    Third, who's Vic!
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    '18 MD DE Eyabi Anoma

    It's simple! He was on a "BAMA" team. :mad:
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    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    Because we're Tennessee VOLS...…… ;)
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    I think you are correct! Coach Pruitt will get better every day, every month , and every year. GO VOLS. ;)
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    Schiano close to deal with Rutgers

    Butch, just go somewhere! Get off of our payroll. :mad:
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    What Vandy message board is saying

    I couldn't help but notice, all 11 of their fans commented! ;)
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    Most Improved Player of 2019?

    My vote goes to the whole team, and coach's. GO VOLS! Beat Vandy!
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    Could An 8-5 Vols Slide Into the Top 25?

    They will be rated, but not in the top 25. Much lower. GO VOLS

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