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    Would you root for Florida to destroy us?

    Pathetic program.
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    There's some sort of symbolism here....

    Fitting... since UT's football program is on life support.
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    Liberty vs Coastal Carolina (Dec 5) implications

    Sounds to me that Sexton has been a HUGE part of UT's problems. Isn't he a UT grad?
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    Lady Vols Win - 24 Turnovers

    Burell was the best player on the court tonight. And it wasn't really close. She has REALLY improved her game.
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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    He had scale, baggies, enough weed to be considered "intent to distribute". Hence the gun charge as well.
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    Not good, just lost a 5 Star commitment. Terrance Lewis

    So you're saying keeping ****** coaches is the way to go? Brilliant.
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    Would you take Scott Frost now?

    Roids. Lots of ROIDS helped back then too.
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    The Case for Keeping Pruitt

    Recruiting is FAR from great. We will end up in the high teens low twenties this year. NOT great. At all.
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    Pruitt's "17 points" remark

    Pruitt has had THREE years to fix the QB problem. Three years!!
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    In a perfect world....

    Fulmer NEVER had to build anything. We need a complete rebuild. The ONLY coach we've ever had qualified to do that is Johnny Majors. Plain and simple.
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    Tennessee Florida Game Time - 3:30 CBS

    Has Vandy ever played Uf on CBS? Whats the difference?
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    Jamey Chadwell

    No. We really don't. Theres a guy getting paid to be one.
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    How Many of Our Guys could start or play significant minutes for other top tier SEC Teams?

    I would put money on Hyatt getting A LOT of PT anywhere. He is being waaaay underutilized. For obvious reasons.
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    Has there ever been a coach that became GREAT after being terrible his first 3 years?

    I know for a fact that many at ClemPson wanted Dabo gone early on!
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    No reason to believe Jeremy Pruitt can fix Tennessee

    The author was ON the money!

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