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    OT: I got a little bit of a situation here

    make her a Birthday card..and write how special she is and how much you love her in it..get creative with the card.. sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart....
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    How do you feel about a mulligan/throw away year?

    this season is a mulligan for MOST coaches anyway...going to be hard to fire a coach this year for bad performance every week a coach does not know who or how many players will be able to play.. I believe that is why we are seeing what we are seeing every week with teams getting beat or...
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    Will JG be back next year?

    he will come back just so we can start another 1000 threads about him...
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    Caption this pic

    I hate Muschamp and them Cocks..They will not beat us again..Now get your dang head in the game and snap the dang ball like we showed you..Aight
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    vols - 42 mo - 17 JG yards - 354
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    Hidden Keys to the Game

    Coach Pruitt is going to bringing blitzs from everywhere..If this QB cannot move well he is going to be in for a long day...Or a very short 1 if he takes too many hits...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    VOLS - 38 USC - 20 RUSHING YARDS - 238
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    Someone please explain

    In the interview with Ed O he also said since most of his players have already had Covid they would not need to be tested for 90 days... Said that would put them at season end before they were required to be tested again... Sounds like a strategy move on their part....
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    Any news on Jeremy Banks

    we just sneak him back on the roster...with everyone concerned about the Covid and how we will never make it to the first one will ever notice....
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    BIG 12 Moving forward with fall football

    Bob Bowlsby says Big 12 is moving forward with fall footbal and release a new schedule today.. They will play 9 conferance games and 1 ooc game.. I wonder what the OOC game will be... Said they will push season start back to Sept 26... Fingers crossed this all holds up... We may see some...
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    PAC-12 cancels football in Fall 2020.

    just like every one of their football seasons....
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    PAC-12 cancels football in Fall 2020.

    PAC 12 is use to cancelling football in the fall....;)
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Looking at MLB it is like they were gonna have this happen anyway..They did not have enough protocols in place for the players in my opinion.. Marlin players went out on the town and then tried to cover it up... PGA has more protocols in place and they fly from event to event..They have done a...
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    Impact of a Spring Football Season

    @volroadwarrior yes I know of a few people who have died from the Covid..They all had other medical problems also or underlying conditions as they say..the virus is real and can be deadly in the right people..My son in Florida just tested positive for the Covid also....Covid is real and if...
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    It isn't just about sports

    University of Memphis announced yesterday that students will be on campus this fall and for them to start preparing to be there... HOPE that is a good sign of things to come....

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