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    Being Hated

    Georgia Tech and Clemson are the only two programs we’re somewhat “buddies” with. Tech has a mutual hatred for Georgia and so many Gator and Tech fans have a mutual love of the Braves, plus Gator fans pull for them to beat FSU and Miami, and Georgia (although we know that’s a long shot)...
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    Being Hated

    Real hate transcends to even bad years. Florida is the most hated team in college football because we have the most rivals, and we’re hated just as much when we suck. Rivals: Georgia FSU Miami - probably the most intense hatred even though we no longer play every year. TN - it has lost...
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Florida SEC Tourney Championship Game Thread (Sunday May 29 3PM EST ESPN2)

    With your bullpen (which you may not need) being so damn good, I think I can go ahead and congratulate you all on a SEC tourney title. And I’m not placating anyone here when I say TN may have the best college baseball team I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a bunch of great ones. Have fun and...
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Certainly won’t be. Unranked Florida vs top 10 Utah. First game of year and the fact that UF is playing an opponent they can certainly lose to means the Swamp will be in its full glory. And again, it’ll be a thousand degrees. Utah hasn’t been to anything close to Florida in September in...
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Just my gut instinct, FL will have more trouble with Kentucky and TN than Utah. I respect them and I know they’re good, but I don’t see them rolling into the Swamp, 110 degree heat and humidity, insane crowd noise, the buzz surrounding AR, new staff, etc and Utah just waltzes out of there...
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    That’s a weird QB roster for sure. I know it counts at least 3 guys who have transferred, another couple are guys who play other positions, and then another few I’ve never heard of (must be walk-ons or something).
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Would mean an 0-2 start in the Swamp. UF may very well suck, but I haven’t seen many 0-2 starts in the Swamp including with some really bad teams. Then again, rarely have the first two home games been a top 10 team followed by a “not your Dad’s Kentucky” team.
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    I don’t think there’s any doubt about that at this point.
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Opening with Utah instead of some directional school, plus @ Texas A&M late in the season makes it tougher than normal for sure. I’m hopeful but uncertain with regard to Napier. He certainly has a better personality and cares more about recruiting than Mullen did, but I need to see his X’s...
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Agree. From the FL standpoint, I’ve never gone into a season more unsure of what UF has. I know the QB is maybe the most athletic in the country, I also know he’s injury-prone. I know the RB room is stacked. I know the interior DT’s, aside from Dexter, strike fear into nobody, I know the...
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    I was wrong about Dan Mullen...

    I was wrong about his recruiting. I defended him because UF hovered around top 10 classes and figured other factors were keeping him from breaking into top 5 classes. But I was wrong, he just didn’t really care to put forth the effort. Generally, I still think he’s one of the best...
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    Crazy stat (Hooker)

    Amazing stat. I also read somewhere that he had 31 TD’s against only 3 picks. Damn, I did not realize he was that prolific. TN might have something this year.
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    Game by Game Predictions

    Florida has very good starters at pretty much every position, and some very good 2’s at some positions. But you need more than that in the SEC. I think UF will be slightly better than last year but I don’t expect them to compete for anything of significance. I do however, think UF will be a...
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    Die hard flying down for the Florida game!

    TN should be fairly heavily favored in this one I’d imagine. You picked a good year.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Mizzou Weekend Series Thread (Friday 6:30PM EST SEC NET +) (Saturday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sunday 12:30PM EST SEC NET+)

    Haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been in the middle of moving, which as many know, takes about a 6-week chunk out of your life… But wanted to check in long enough to say “Good Lord, what a baseball team TN has built!” Phenomenal. Tip of the cap to you all.

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