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    Weak Leadership = Weak Team

    Less than that, but they tried . No one wants to look that bad on national TV .. A real ego killer.
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    Dick Vitale vs Bob Kesling?

    What about that shooting by both teams. EMBARRASSING - SHOULD HAVE GIVEN 1 PT FOR HITTING THE BACKBOARD.
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    Dick Vitale vs Bob Kesling?

    It is a tie. Incompetence vs Crazy. Dementia vs incoherence. Which menendez brother is better? I cant decide, although Vitale did his best to get our coach to leave us for UCLA. I will never forgive that back-stab.
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    Auburn fans hate us! Yes!

    I wanted AUBURN TO LOSE, fire Malzahn and need to find 17 Million USD to pay him within 45 days. Then another 17 mil later on, then hire a new staff.
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    Look back at Vols' opponents

    I would like to play the Gators again in a bowl- I THINK WE WOULD WIN ?
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    Look back at Vols' opponents

    JP knows that the fickle,feckless ut fans ( about a third of the total) will round on him and call for his head after the next bad ( Bowl maybe) game. This is wrong, wrong , wrong. Give the man time to turn this gigantic ship around. The guys are more physical and look like the...
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    Our Current Ranking UP 8 Points!

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    Butch Jones should never coach again!!!

    Makes 35 K a year- not worth driving to Bama.
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    Butch Jones should never coach again!!!

    Butch is allowed to contact Nick Satan only by fax.
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    Rucker: Vols aren’t better than last season-still hasn’t proved anything yet

    the facts are the facts. WE may lose Sat , but it will not be a blow-out.
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    "I'm not buying Jeremy Pruitt even though they're on a nice little run."

    Ole miss has never played in the SEC CG. This guy is not relevant .
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    Daniel Bituli

    We have really good linebackers, best part of the team.
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    Same situation as last year

    They wont lose to Vandy this year, on the other hand, Mo is tough at CoMo and they will be favored about 3-4 points. It will take a no turnover game to beat them.
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    Kentucky Meltdown

    The cats know we have mojo -

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