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    Official Coaching Search Thread

    Much more likely Kelly than McVay. The probability of the later close to zero IMO.
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    Chris Peterson?!

    Great record as a head coach but this is a Gruden II scenario.
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    Time to change the name of one of Knoxville's streets.

    No explanation necessary.
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    So Fulmer will be paid through 2023

    Some of us had figured him out when he became head coach.
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    Here comes the exodus...

    Maybe we can get some third string players from Bama , UGA and Florida
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    I don't know anything about it but seriously doubt Bama had anything to do with it.
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    My Broken Record: If Your QB Can't Run, You Can't Compete Now

    Agree. However, a little history. Bear Bryant once said: "I'll never have another QB that can't run." ( I can't remember who he was referring to)
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    How long have you followed/been a Vol football fan ?

    Born 1941....been following since 1951
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    Has The Game Really Changed THAT Much? (For Statistic Lovers)

    From an old guy.....JMO.....changing the rules to allow offensive linemen to extend their arms (what amounts to legal holding) changed the game for the worse in my opinion. And the newer rules about QB protection etc. have tilted the game even more in favor of the offense.
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    OSU throws to the tight ends? Why is this not even in UTs playbook?

    And we didn't use Witten nearly as much as we should have.
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    Well I'm 79 and except for Oct 67-Oct 68 (Viet Nam) this has been the worst year of my life too. I was too young to know what WWII was about but do remember seeing a couple of troop trains in 1945. Soldiers were waving to the hometown crowd as they passed through. Don't know for sure but I think...
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    So...... on Bailey

    To me the true measure of a good coach is getting the most from the player talent with which he/she has to work.

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