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    Finebaum hates us..

    Whats the demographic that wants to look at an old, thin, balding white man with a pencil neck, 30 year old suit, thin tie and tie clasp that has a generally bad attitude? Must be Bama fans.
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    Finebaum hates us..

    What they need to be discussing on this show is how Finebaum can stay on the air with that face. The guy is a string bean, hair a joke, terrible dresser and hit every limb in the ugly tree. Its amazing to me how he can continue to be shown in households across the country. Does anyone know how...
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    Tennessee practice #3

    If the coach is starting JG he is our best chance to win a game. Its pretty simple, can the young wide receivers get open and can JG hit them in stride? I don't know the answer but we will find out very soon. A stable of QB's behind him and my bet is we will see them all.
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    Vols #25 in the AP

    Since all these teams are not playing, when the bowl season comes around, could we be eligible for 2 bowl games! They will not have enough 6 win teams.
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    Vanderbilt Has Slammed on The Brakes For Football Activities

    They were a charter member and used to dominate.
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    First Vol game you remember and your age

    I started listening on the radio at 10, 1960. The first game that really stuck with me all these years was late in the 65 season, UCLA game in Memphis. It was a great game we won the shootout 37-34. The Dewy Warren years were when I became an avid fan. I would listen to the pre-game and the game...
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    Vanderbilt Has Slammed on The Brakes For Football Activities

    They keep cutting their athletic department because they disagree with the current athletic system that pays coaches 7 million for a job they would do for free. They have made this quite clear in the past. Since they have decided not to compete they don't need a top athletic department. I am...
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    Vanderbilt Has Slammed on The Brakes For Football Activities

    Vanderbilt is doing better than any other school in the SEC. Remember the equal split of the TV and Bowl revenues dwarfs their attendance revenue. They have the least cost exposure during the shutdown, are never short on their projected donations and no huge debt for new construction projects...
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    Will JG be back next year

    It's not clear to me how this will be handled, there will not be room for all the players with eligibility on the roster. The transfer option will also be taken away because every team will be cutting players with eligibility.
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    Cade Mays waiver denied

    Why would you risk the entire season on one player? One player is going to be meaningless within the course of this season. We might have linebackers playing on the offensive line before this season is over matching up with defensive backs on the oppositions front 4! We could forfeit games due...
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    Full 2020 Schedule Released

    Wow, we will play 7 top 10 teams! Its just us and the ACC?
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    Any news on Jeremy Banks

    Depth? In a season like this one you could be 5th on the depth chart and start the next 2 games. There is no such thing as depth anymore, will we have enough players to field a team is the new question? Everybody plays!
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    Cade Mays waiver denied

    I was surprised when they said he would most likely be eligible this season. I thought transferring to a school in the same conference and same division was made impossible without waiting a year? Why was this transfer considered different?
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    Several rumors circulating

    News alert, college football was killed when they started paying coaches professional level salaries. They have spent all of the increased revenues and have nothing left to pay the players without further increases. We are talking about amateur sports here. College football is amateur sports...
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    Several rumors circulating

    We are discussing amateur athletics not professional sports. Their market value is zero at this level. When universities started paying football coaches professional level salaries this was bound to be the result. So now we will pay the players on market value? The University of Tennessee is...

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