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    Can someone talk me off the ledge for Super Regionals. Been nervous since Tuesday.

    If it was a one game matchup I’d be worried. We are due for a bad game any time. But there isn’t a team in the country that has an advantage over us in a series. The odds are in our favor in that respect.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Florida SEC Tourney Championship Game Thread (Sunday May 29 3PM EST ESPN2)

    I’d imagine that’s their plan. Throw a bunch of different pitchers at us and keep us off balance.
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    Poll: UT Need a Dominant Big Man?

    Michigan played to their potential and we didn’t. It’s that simple. We had a bad game. They had a great one. We can talk about big men and needs and all of that all day long and regardless of what you have they will have off days. Michigans dominant big guy didn’t help them throughout the...
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    New Year's Resolution: No More Music City Bowl (Ever)

    I used my remedial skills to search for anywhere in my post where I referred to you advocating to stay home. I simply referred to you and a few others calling these games or opportunities meaningless or having no upside.
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    New Year's Resolution: No More Music City Bowl (Ever)

    Meaningless? Interesting. Meaningless to whom? No upside? Again. For who? It always amuses me when someone with no skin in the game calls it meaningless. Tell that to a senior who has never been in a bowl game. Or a senior playing his last game with his team. Is it meaningless to a...
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball 2022.

    Well there we go. Thanks! Makes sense. But now I know.
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball 2022.

    Question for you DeerPark…or anyone for that matter. Maybe this is me showing my ignorance but, with Tennessee’s awesome production studio why can’t we get games like these televised or streamed via the website? Is it a copyright issue or something else? I would think we could send someone to...
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    Jamal Lewis’s FINAL NFL Game Worn Jersey

    So cool to see these. How you find them all is beyond me.
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    The Last Thing You Purchased II

    Excellent choice. I carry that as my duty pistol and have never been happier. I put a Holosun optic on it and it’s ridiculous. My favorite gun.
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    Do you ship? I’d take another.
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    Perfect. As long as I’m not the only one. The good news is I don’t have to wonder whether or not i should open it or keep it locked up!
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    Sadly, that’s what I paid. I’m in Illinois and don’t get south much. I’ve been on multiple mailing lists to be alerted when it’s available and this was the first one I had received. I figured it was much harder to get than what I’m finding out now. I had heard good things about it but was...
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    Can you give me the names of the stores? I have a friend there who will go get it for me.
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    If it just sits there on shelves I’m gonna be pissed! I’ve been on an email list for almost a year waiting for some.
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    Sweetens Cove Bourbon

    So I feel like I did a dumb thing but I’m ok with it. I’ve been on a waiting list for awhile now hoping to pick up a bottle and this morning it became available and I got one. Now what do I do!?? Anyone had it before? Is it worth opening or should I just put it away? Save it for...

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