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    Oklahoma & Texas in 2023?

    But will the loudest, most obnoxious Homer when tennessee hits the uga/Bama level
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    '19 NC RB Quavaris Crouch (Tennessee signee)

    He tried. It was just intercepted
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    '21 MD LB Aaron Willis (Tennessee signee - In the portal)

    Won the only conference championship a&m has had in a long time
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning (Texas commit)

    And short run imo
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    Sticking My Neck Out, Waaaaay Out

    I would bet he isn't even the qb for them by that time in the season unless injuries happen He will alienate his team before halloween
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    '25 NC OT David Sanders

    That's a big dude
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    10 Wins

    What makes Lsu so unbeatable?
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    Peyton Bradyized Ole Tom

    Peyton isn't even close if that's true
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. #11 Michigan NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 5:50 PM ET, CBS

    Yes But it's all about the upset on the brackets W exception of Duke, I imagine all the games are pulling for the "underdog" Whatever that means Ita good for ratings if an upset happens
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    Momentum to curb fake injuries

    The easy obvious counter to all this is to just send in a player with no name on his jersey (walk on) and have him take the punishment for the penalty Easy loophole around it
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    '21 FL DT Marquis Robinson (Mizzou commit)

    ????? There is NOTHING in this picture or what this picture represents to fear
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    '21 FL DT Marquis Robinson (Mizzou commit)

    Recruits really swayed by stuff like this?? That's awkward af

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