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    How would a loss to Florida make u feel?

    You guys clearly don’t remember the 2002 rain soaked, National Champion Contender who had just drained the swamp the prior year vs Ron Zook, at home in front of 109,000…. , With game day in town …, and a team slam full of high profile future NFL players …. That fumbled five times inside of...
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    Gas Prices and Attendance!!

    An extra twenty bucks or whatever is a relative drop in the bucket compared to the typical overall cost of a big football day at Neyland - especially for those driving far enough to need hotel rooms etc
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    I need positive vibes and prayers for my wife **Update in original post**

    May God be with you and with your wife and her medical team. May his will be done and heal your wife. He is the ultimate healer!
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    UT vs Ball State opening night is now Thursday night

    This is a really good thing! Great for TV, recruiting exposure, and most importantly, TAKE TWO days off of work and tailgate like a beast!!
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    Would it even be possible?

    Tuscaloosa high used to do this exact thing for bear Bryant way back when
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    Hoping that April or May will bring us these portal gifts.

    I left out Al Wilson. The NCAA would outlaw him due to Bamas QB being killed in action.
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    Hoping that April or May will bring us these portal gifts.

    John Henderson Albert Haynesworth Sean Ellis Omar Gather Jerod Mayo Kevin Burnett Eric Berry Terry McDaniel Deon Grant Dale Carter
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    10 Wins

    I think 7-5 or 6-6 if we get excessive injuries. Hell, If we get excessive injuries to key players it could get worse than that.
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    Most Annoying fan base in CFB

    If this board - and the folks who walk around at the Masters wearing orange power T gear as if they are heading into a football game are any indication ......
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    Looks like it’s Tenn, Aub & Ark left

    This thread didn’t go too well....
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    Vescovi scored just 5 points

    That was a tough way to end a great season! This team did something not done around here in 40 years .... let’s not forget that.
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    Former Vol Parys Haralson has passed away (9/13/21)

    Rest In Peace. Prayers for the family and friends.
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    3 seed is indefensible…shame on selection committee!!

    I gotta ask you fellas a serious question - what do you care about that seed ?? Looks like we got a cakewalk all the way to final 8, and I like our shot to final four from where we are - in fact I think we got as easy a road as one could wish for. Is the two seed a ding on your pride ? Because...
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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    Ima pile on too.....
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    Uhhhh- you guys realize this our guys doing this, correct ?

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