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    Ken Jennings?? :D
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    Keep One Drop One VI

    two deep
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    Word Association XI

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    The Roaming Rocky Top Gnome picture thread

    Last time I did that I got arrested.....but it wasn't a gnome :)
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    Word Association XI

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    Keep One Drop One VI

    step son
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    Funny Pics thread II

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    So who takes over Jeopardy after Alex?
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    Keep One Drop One VI

    hang up
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    Word Association XI

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    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

    Afternoon gang
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    Week 8 - Oct 19 -NCAA pick'ems

    1. Iowa 2. Clemson 3. Boise St. 4. Missouri 5. North Carolina 6. Penn St. 7. Kansas St. 8. Iowa St. 9. Oklahoma St. 10. Alabama 11. Auburn 12. Texas A&M 13. Florida 14. Oregon 15. Oklahoma
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    Word Association XI

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    Keep One Drop One VI

    Fire truck
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    2019 Hot Seat

    I know they are very low on the list but Brohm & Frost ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

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