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    Not so sure!!!!

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    4-0! Stop Complaining

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    There's a shift taking place...

    I read this as something else as I was on the toilet.
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    To the NegaVols/Trolls

    Someone being negative has zero effect on the way the football team plays. Some of you need to go touch grass or spend time with your families.
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    Kentucky vs Florida ESPN 7:00 Eastern

    Both of these teams are beatable.
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    Not so sure!!!!

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    The Official Pitt Game Day Thread: Zone Edition

    Jesus Christ almighty
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    Georgia vs Oregon

    Y’all are mean
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    Georgia vs Oregon

    Why can’t Oregon tackle
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    The Official Ball State Game Thread: Zone Edition

    Did we win?
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    Thoughts after game 1?

    I feel nothing
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    Who’s our alpha

    Navy Shuler
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    We kewl?

    What’s up HMAN
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    We kewl?

    Neat stuff in here, guys. Keep it up.
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Potential game changer

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