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    Practice Starts August 17!

    Also in this announcement the SEC stated they will kick off the season on Sept. 26 rather than the original start date of Sept. 5. So, we now have almost 2 months until the season starts. Time for all those fun off season topics.
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    Legitimate season

    I agree. I think this is why the ACC rushed to get Notre Dame in as a full fledged member this year. Otherwise it is Clemson and the 13 dwarfs.
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    Legitimate season

    It is still the SEC. In fact, this years SEC champ may be the most legit of them all as they are going to have to beat even more SEC teams.
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    Anybody else happy to play LSU this early?

    I agree with RoaminVol's premise. Burrows is gone. Passing game coordinator Joe Brady is gone. RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire is gone. They only have one of their offensive lineman starters returning. On defense their DC Dave Aranda is gone. Two of the Tigers’ top three tacklers, Jacob...
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    SEC attendance rankings 2019

    It looks like all around the country stadiums are failing to fill. I still think Neyland should shrink some with a much more pleasant game day experience. Better seats, better views (try sitting in the seats next to the boxes) and better parking. The smaller, more boutique stadiums are the...
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    Madden NFL 21 ratings: Top ten former Vols

    So Tennessee still has ten alumn in the top half of the league at least but considering our abysmal draft history during the Butch Jones era and the start of Pruitts you have to imagine Tennessee's presence will continue to decline. Not a sign of a healthy program IMO. I will feel like we...
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    Impact of a Spring Football Season

    I know I am being a little bit of a D*$% but for this season it really only hurts our adversaries. A year to get a new QB ready might actually help us.
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    4 Vols on SI's Pre-season All SEC

    Cimaglia should be the #1 kicker in the nation going into 2020. Do we really think Trask will be the best QB in the conference? I doubt he is in that position in December.
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    Most likely upset?

    I agree that Oklahoma is the most likely. No one has mentioned the later game with UGA. I think that helps us. We have always been slow starters who end well. I really think UGA will regret moving us to later in the season.
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    Best defensive performance

    Al Wilson '98 Florida is the best, hands down. I still like posting this pic whenever I get a chance though: I wish Berry could have played at a better time in Tennessee history. He deserves to be in all these conversations.
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    Has COVID-19 delayed the stadium renovations?

    Oh yeah. Look at that beauty. Fans that mingle their pee together stay together!
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    The Nike Collection This Year?

    Look at what Nike has done to Oregon

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