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    A deeper look into Tony Elliott at Clemson. A data based examination

    No more OJT projects, please. That was my biggest concern with Pruitt and there's no reason to make the same mistake twice.
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    Andy Staples: "Tennessee fans need to learn from Nebraska fans."

    These guys talk just to hear themselves talk. Total waste of space.
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    Pat Forde is a tool

    The only thing worse than that crap is that someone posted it here.
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    Pruitt Fired for Cause. No buyout. Fulmer retiring.

    This is nothing to celebrate, IMO. Keeping him would not have been, either. We're screwed either way. Get ready for a few more years of suck.
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    Fulkerson photo bombed by blonde bombshell

    I gave a like for OP's username.
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    2020 just an anomaly?

    Some of us have been singing the same tune since he was hired. Just sayin'.
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    Alvin Kamara

    We never do let anything go, do we?
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    Kiffin signs new contract extension with Ole Miss

    You know what? You're right. I apologize. It's my problem. We've played 11 seasons of football since Kiffin walked out on us and some of our fans are still playing the role of a love-sick Scarlet O'Hara. I guess I just identify more with Rhett Butler's attitude.
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    Kiffin signs new contract extension with Ole Miss

    Why is this in the Tennessee Football forum?
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    OSU throws to the tight ends? Why is this not even in UTs playbook?

    Solid observation, but why limit it to just TEs? We can't creatively utilize our players at any position.
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    A Video Of Some Of My Jersey Collection....

    Very cool. Peyton's Citrus Bowl jersey, wow!
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    Alvin Kamara...

    Oh, yay, this thread again.
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    Running backs

    "They got a good football team."

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