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    This AD Hire is a Game Changer

    I am hoping for the ten year guy that CPF referenced out of the gate, but we may have to accept a multi step solution. Wish circumstances did not make the task this tough.
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    Randy Boyd: "The Greatest Decade in UT Athletics Begins Now"

    Hold on. This guy is the AD not the football guru. Greatest decade is the goal for the University's sports, all of them. Football is the bell cow, got it... but don't be dismissive of his bosses taking the high road in the announcement. We may have a longer road than we have ever had in...
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    All this seems pre-planned

    Very possible They indicated at the presser that the days events had been held off to allow the investigations to be completed. They may have had enough before the loose ends were cleaned know the HC firing was unavoidable and the brass could have triggered the search company to start...
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    What happens to Steele...

    As much or as little as the new HC determines. He was brought on as insurance and I would think with the money on the books the new coach can use him at 450k per year somewhere.
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    RUMOR - Not Verified but plausible ...

    Does anybody have any input on where this money given to players came from? I don't see how we found out if it was money from outside sources, but I don't know where they could dig it up and attempt to hide from normal budget sources. Really want some details.
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    Randy Boyd: "The Greatest Decade in UT Athletics Begins Now"

    This may have been part of the Fulmer departure logic. Although they went out of their way to insulate CPF from knowledge, or reasonable expectations he should have had knowledge of the bad actions, this leadership group may have decided we would be better off to show a WHOLE NEW TEAM to the...
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    This AD Hire is a Game Changer

    I am going to be a bit more reserved, not on his hire, but circumstances may not allow him to get a guy he likes to fill the role till the NCAA outcome is reached. He obviously has a good eye, and I will trust his judgement, but he may not be able to hit a homerun where we are right now and may...
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    Official: Danny White hired as AD

    Wow, my initial search for background is super impressive with his previous work at BOTH Buffalo and UCF. The fact his farther and brother are also ADs at Duke and another directional FL school is pretty impressive. Have not rattled the cages looking for bad bones, hope he has none. Must...
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    Worse Shape than Penn St

    Hiring a guy with a history of hiring hookers for players is not a recipe for success. There are clickbait guys pushing for us to hire him but they will join in on the feeding frenzy if we did. The more conservative, quiet and reserved elements of our fanbase will come out of the woodwork and...
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    Never should have fired Fulmer

    I have always said that he put his job in play and if they had a high probability of greater success guy on the hook I was good with the decision. But to run him off without having winked and nodded with a couple of guys in that category was not very smart. To this day we, like fans at lots of...
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    And so falls the [Fulmer]

    Well as I watched the presser I did notice she did not say vaguely it was decided, or we decided, she specifically said Philip came to me and yada yada. I guess it is possible she sent a little birdie but I don't know why to doubt her. Heck, if she thought she some real issues she could avoid...
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    Just listened to A to Z. Kind of interesting

    Were their charges and penalties on their schools comparable? Um had to write off a bunch of wins for both Nutt and Freeze. Slow learners. Now they hire Kiffin with no NCAA baggage I am aware of, but sure seems like a risk.
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    So after us lining up to get whacked by the NCAA you still think we should discount character and integrity? I agree that the next coach will have us over a barrel and can get great guarantees, but he might also require minimal buyouts if he elects to go. That was the bad mix with...
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    Search firm for AD

    I was a bit surprised at that, but has anybody posted the wording in the contract? Does it say severance or does it define it as separation or something else with for any reason type language in it? Just like to see it to address your question. Hard to believe they did not anticipate issues...
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    Just listened to A to Z. Kind of interesting

    What if the best guys won't budge till the anticipated penalties are established? I would think an AD would be easier to get to jump than a coach, but he needs to be in place. So the clock can't start till that is accomplished.

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