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    SEC Shorts - the Win department

    Completely agree......Officials go waaay overboard in the name of "Player Safety" at times which undermines the integrity of the game.
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    Cutcliffe out at Duke

    it was a joke................. (jelly of the month reference.... Christmas Vacation..... Chevy Chase..... never mind....)
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    Cutcliffe out at Duke

    oops ... double post.. my apologies
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    Cutcliffe out at Duke

    Quarterback Improvement Specialist. (QIS) Big Big Big bonus ( $$$$$$... statues...street named...etc) if Arch Manning signed.
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    SEC Shorts - the Win department

    Of course the bamers get away with blatant holding in their own end zone.... which should have resulted in a safety.... He more or less rode him like a horse to the ground from behind. That would have been called on us 100 times out of 100 times. No call...
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    We Got Our Wish

    Unfortunately you are probably right... they would likely still beat us even if you or I were made the gator coach.... P.S. what will Dan Mullen's wife do now !!!???
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    Go FSU!!!!!!

    Well... now they are looking for a coach. Some of the media is touting Lane Kiffin .
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    Neyland north video board package released

    With a few more renovations for the folks who need luxury accommodations at a football game, i think we can get total stadium capacity down to around 10K. I think the next step is personal living rooms with chase lounges, personal refrigerators, and massage tables each with a personal masseuse...
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    Tiyon Evans shutting it down?

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    Final Game FPI Predictions

    So South Alabama would be favored to beat Vandy ? ... Wow.....
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    Bowl Projections

    Right....I hope we dont end up in a pickle.
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    I have always heard it was Kenny Chesney's boat.. but i have never believed it...(he could obviously afford it and then some.. i just never believed it was his).
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    Kirby Smart said..

    Who names their kid "Kirby" ?

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