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    Jauan Jennings isn't a WR, he's a football player who happens to be playing WR. He's a dawg!
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    A View from Big Ben: Blackpool to Tennessee

    Tennessee's downward trajectory coincides with @LondonVol becoming a fan...…
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    Did you graduate from UT? Degree?

    BA in Philosophy - Christian Brothers University MBA - Christian Brothers University Executive Education - University of Notre Dame
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    Why I am optimistic and excited

    Like many others here, I too have been clinically diagnosed with Battered Vol Syndrome and I do not believe in moral victories; however, there are a couple of positives worth mentioning that could lead to success downstream. 1. The team - offense, defense, and special teams - are playing loose...
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    Visiting Memphis questions?

    Memphis native here, I am not going to downplay the crime in Memphis but I don't think it is quite as bad as its reputation. Most of the violent crime is between people in the city who know each other and crime is heavily concentrated in certain areas. What you should expect though is being...
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    Joe Milton - Every Snap Minn, Mich St and Indiana

    My armchair QB perspective: Positives/Strengths: 1. Easily checks the QB tangibles box who looks the part of an NFL-level QB 2. Has a monster arm and gets the ball to his backs and receivers quickly which should help neutralize the speed of SEC defenses while getting the ball into our...
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    What Was Your First Job?

    My grandmother owned a small diner and when she got custody of my oldest brother (~11) and I (~8yrs) in the early 90's, we spent our weekends, holiday breaks, and summers working there. It was a small diner in an industrial type complex where my grandmother was the waitress and the cook and my...
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    Oklahoma and Texas have reached out to join the SEC (allegedly)

    Just a thought: What if, instead of two divisions of 8 teams there are four divisions of 4 teams (SEC North, East, South, West)? This format could provide more flexibility in scheduling internal conference games and would likely result in an SEC playoff format with the winner being crowed SEC...
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    Enough With The Investigation.

    It is likely that they are intentionally "dragging it out" and will release an update/findings at a more opportune time. It's slow time for football news right now and any update now would dominate the news cycles. If I were the AD, I would either wait until the Olympics were underway or the...
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    Instant impact players of 2021

    O - Jabari Small D - Byron Young
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    memphis music and restaurants

    I was shaking my head the entire time as I went down the list. Personally, I like to recommend places based off of what someone wants to eat and which places do that well. As a Memphis native (now residing in Dallas) I consider myself a bit of a BBQ snob but here are my two cents. General...
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    If season.. So opening up with Florida.. Win?

    FYI, college age students are Generation Z, not millennial's.

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